All About Cheese

All About Cheese

Much Ado About Cheese Lovers of cheese will go great distances to find their favorite cheese. It's an interesting commentary on the origin of cheese when you consider that so long as cows, sheep, goats, buffalo and a host of other mammals produce milk, farmers produce a fermented food as "cheese". Today, there are hobbyists who seek out other avid lovers of cheese to share their cheese making experiences. The most delightfully tasty food in the world has to be freshly made cheese. … [Read more...]

Cheese Cultures which cultures work best and why

To ensure the best results at home using a quality cheese culture is necessary. Ripened milk is used to form cheese and this process is best controlled by introducing a cheese culture. Cow, goat and sheep milk can all be successfully used for cheese making. Different types of milk are more suited to making specific types of cheeses. Raw milk will begin to culture on its own but the results are often less than desirable. Ultra-pasteurized milk does not work at all for cheese making. The extreme … [Read more...]

Why Is Cheese Waxing Important?

Waxing your cheese does more than make it look pretty. The wax keeps out mold and fungus while keeping in a cheese’s natural moisture and preventing your cheese from drying out and hardening. It’s also a great way to free up fridge space because waxed cheese can be stored elsewhere. … [Read more...]

The Importance of Acidity Levels in Homemade Cheese

Have you ever looked at all the chunk cheese at the supermarket and wondered if you could make your own cheesy creation? In fact, many people enjoy cultivating their own cheese; people have made cheese at home for hundreds of years. Although it is not as fast as simply picking up a block of cheese at the market, creating your own cheese will allow you to control the ingredients and develop a taste all on your own. … [Read more...]

Homemade Microwave Mozzarella

Fresh mozzarella, the mild, spongy cheese that forms the base of a delicious Caprese salad, is often sold in stores in plastic wrapped balls or logs. Believe it or not, you can easy make fresh mozzarella with just a few essential ingredients and tools in your own kitchen. … [Read more...]