Easy Ways To Make Goat Cheese

Goat cheese is a common ingredient in salads, wraps, main dishes and even desserts. If you have never made your own food before, goat feta and chevre are some of the easiest things to start with. … [Read more...]

How to Store Cheese

You’ve been budgeting for that $20 a pound French Morbier cheese and you finally brought some home. You eat a bit, and though you’d love to finish it you decide to save it for a family dinner next week. You put it in a plastic zip-lock baggie, place it gently in the refrigerator, and leave it for five days. When you take it out, it’s covered top to bottom with mold. … [Read more...]

The Universal Guide to Cheesemaking

Perhaps, driven by the economy or just for the fun of it, people are more and more interested in home wine making, beer brewing, cheesemaking and similar “hobbies.” Perhaps it is even driven somewhat by the growing numbers of seniors and retirees. These three hobbies are a mixture of art and science much like cooking because of the attention that must be paid to careful measurements of ingredients, temperatures and times. … [Read more...]

Milk for Cheesemaking

It seems as if more and more people these days are pursuing the culinary arts in their homes and going back to the way that things were done before supermarkets, cross country freezer and refrigeration vans, and mass production from factory farms. People are growing more of their own fruits and vegetables, raising backyard chickens, brewing their own beer and wine and even making their own cheese. … [Read more...]

History of Cheese Making

The art of making cheese goes back roughly 8000 to 10,000 years. During the time of the Egyptians, cheese making was depicted in paintings and wall art dating back 4000 years. During the Roman Empire, cheese making had become quite popular, and they had developed a wide variety of different types of cheese. … [Read more...]