K Cups: Why They Are So Popular

If you have been reading the latest in the food and drink industry, you will have heard about K Cups. They are all the range with your average coffee drinker, but you may also be wondering why. Believe it or not, K Cups can add simplicity and ease to your coffee drinking experience. They are also cost effective, easy to use and fun to create during your normal work week. So let's take a look at some of the reasons you should invest in K Cups: … [Read more...]

The Perfect Gift For Coffee Lovers

The Perfect Gift For Coffee Lovers

Getting an appropriate gift for the person who seems to have everything is easy if that person is a coffee lover. For those who are looking for the perfect cup, coffee can almost be a lifestyle, an ongoing search for just the right level of richness. The many different types of brewing methods available give you a wide selection to choose from when shopping for the coffee fanatic on your gift list. … [Read more...]

K-Cups: They Don’t Have to Be Expensive

K-Cups are coffee-filled cups that the Keurig company sells to use with their Keurig coffee makers. Although the majority of the cups are filled with different varieties of coffee, K-Cups are also sold with an assortment of teas, hot cocoa and even iced-tea flavors. Keurig makes over 200 different types of K-Cups offering the consumer a wide choice in both hot and cold beverages. … [Read more...]

What Kind of Coffee Is Espresso Coffee?

The first thing many individuals do in the morning is reach for that first satisfying serving of coffee. There are so many kinds of coffee to choose from and so many ways it can be prepared. In fact, a lot of creative coffee concoctions tempt people who are not typically java drinkers. True coffee connoisseurs, however, will probably scoff at the blend of light roast coffee mixed with a heaping portion of milk, sugar, and flavored syrup. If you are one of those coffee purists, you may be far … [Read more...]

How to Use K Cups

Making coffee or tea used to come with a number of annoying inconveniences. You used to have to boil a pot or start a coffee maker, which takes a long time to heat the water. In addition, you also had to worry about whether you had too much water or too little, in case you only wanted to make one cup for yourself. The Keurig Single Cup Brewing System changed that. In only a minute or less, it can brew coffee, tea or hot chocolate from a single, precisely measured cup called a K-Cup pack. … [Read more...]