Choosing a Coffee Cup

Hot liquids aren’t like hot buns or hot sandwiches: Instead of just grabbing them bare handed and juggling them a bit until they cool, you have to have something to put them in. And with coffee, figuring out what to put it in is half the fun. There are, after all, about as many kinds of mugs, cups and bowls – yes, bowls – as there are kinds of coffee. But how to chose which is the one for you? … [Read more...]

Coffee demystified

Have you ever found yourself in line at a fancy coffee shop, hoping for an ordinary cup of coffee and completely flummoxed by the five-column menu on the wall? In this Starbucks age, coffee snobs abound; people are sure to tell you you're drinking the "wrong" kind of coffee no matter what choices you make - and there are so many choices! It's no wonder many people have stopped enjoying their cup of morning joe. … [Read more...]

The Perfect Cup of Coffee – Tips and Tricks to Help You Make It

You have spent some time learning and selecting the best coffee beans from just the right place in the world and put them together in a flavorful blend. You learned a bit about roasting styles and methods and you have come up with the perfect process for your particular type and flavor of coffee. The bag in your hand contains coffee that has been roasted within the last hour, and ground within the last few minutes to the perfect texture. It's time to expose the coffee to the two elements … [Read more...]

Make Great Coffee at Home

Many people cannot start their day off well without a fresh cup of coffee to brighten their morning. However, regular coffee drinkers also know that when a cup of coffee is poorly prepared, it simply does not provide the same pleasure and relaxation that a well-made cup bestows. Many coffee-drinkers choose to visit pricey coffee chains in order to ensure that their morning brew is always rich and delicious. But this is an enormous waste of money, especially when you can make equally … [Read more...]

The Benefits of an Italian Coffee Maker

Coffee is the one drink -- save for, perhaps, alcohol -- that has had the most profound impact on human society. Hundreds of thousands of pots of coffee are consumed every day; the product can be found at all restaurants and bakeries, and is popular enough that huge franchises of stores can exist selling coffee as their primary product. When making coffee for one's own pleasure, one wants to brew the best cup possible. There is nothing like a good cup of coffee on a cold winter morning, … [Read more...]