Wine Toasting

Enjoying wine for a special occasion or at an event often results in making toasts. By understanding the history behind toasting and learning the basic etiquette involved in making a toast at different occasions, the mystery behind the act is easily cleared up. Wine toasting has a long history that makes it a traditional part of any formal event. … [Read more...]

Home Brewing Recipes – Find Them or Invent Them?

Brewing beer at home is a hobby that many men and women enjoy. It is an opportunity to create new flavors and try out something different. The problem is that many individuals struggle with the decision to make up personal recipes or follow the recipes of others. The final choice is made based on personal preferences, but most beginners are recommended to find and use other recipes. … [Read more...]

A Bottling Wand Makes Bottling Less Of A Hassle

The finishing touch on home brewing is usually putting the beer into bottles. The problem that many individuals face is trying to pour the beer directly into a funnel or using a spigot and hoping that it will not accidentally spill. Using a bottling wand can reduce the number of hassles and make the process of bottling much faster. … [Read more...]

An Overview of Home Brewing: History, Ingredients, Process

Home brewed beer is easier and more popular than ever. The feeling of cracking open a bottle of your very own home brewed beer is both rewarding and satisfying. With dozens of home brew kits to choose from, why not dive right in and try your hand at brewing your own delicious beer. This article will introduce you to the basic history, ingredients, and the process involved to create your own delicious beer. … [Read more...]

Finding Home Brewing Labels

When you have are brewing your own alcohol, whether you want to produce a fine, dark beer or a delicate, dry wine, chances are good that you want to show it off. While you could of course just present your alcohol in a plain bottle, think about how much fun it would be to hand over bottles that have personalized labels! Some people simply use mailing labels and write the names, the date, and the type of alcohol on the bottle, but if you want something that is a little more fancy, there are … [Read more...]