How to Have the Perfect Home Bar

You have the bar, the stools and the friends are waiting to come over for a drink. Now you’re wondering what you should stock your bar with. While it’s important to stock up on your personal favorites, you want to have more in there than the fixings for a pina colada or gin and tonic. When you are stocking your bar for happy hour, remember to include these classic requirements. … [Read more...]

Types of Glassware at a Bar

Having a full supply of glasses means being prepared to serve a wide variety of drinks in the appropriate vessel. Glassware determines not just the size of the drink, but also affects the experience of the drink. A tall, narrow glass highlights the lightness of a drink and prevents too much carbonation leaving the drink quickly. Conversely, a short, wide class enhances dark colors and provides easier lip from which to sip. … [Read more...]

How to Make a Beer Tap

Making a beer tap from scratch is less expensive than buying one, and it is fun to do. It is also a great way to showcase your skills and add a unique touch to your bar. Constructing your own beer tap requires patience and time. In addition, people who want to make their own beer tap need basic carpentry and machinery skills. A great beer tap can be a conversation starter during parties with family and friends. … [Read more...]

Refrigeration Choices for Your Home Bar

What’ll you have? Your preferences for liquid refreshments will help determine what sort of refrigeration you need when planning and building your home bar. There are several different options. Your choices depend on what types of beverages you plan to stock and enjoy. … [Read more...]

An Outdoor Home Bar Can Add a Lot to Your Summer Parties

Outdoor Home Bar

Delicious food, sizzling music and good friends – there is nothing like throwing a summer party in your backyard. If you want your guests to have the time of their lives, drinks are not optional. However, if you have ever hosted a backyard bash, you know how easy it is to spend most of your time running in and out of the kitchen preparing drinks for your guests. … [Read more...]