Making Red Wine Vinegar at Home – Why You Should Add It To Your Diet

When you make red wine vinegar at home, you might be surprised to discover that it tastes superior to store bought vinegars. The red wine you choose will directly affect the flavor of the finished product, so be sure to choose a red wine that you enjoy drinking. … [Read more...]

Sodastream Soda Makers – The Green Way To Drink Soda

In recent years, people have become increasingly aware of environmental issues. As a result, “going green” has become a mainstream topic. Each day, millions of bottles enter landfills, and every single one takes more than 450 years to break down. Enter the SodaStream soda maker. This innovative product will allow you to make an endless supply of your favorite soda right on your kitchen counter using reusable one liter bottles. In addition to dramatically reducing the number of soda bottles … [Read more...]

Cider Making Process

Making your own cider is a great way to use up extra apples and save a lot of money over store-bought cider. This is the basic recipe for making a simple, alcoholic apple cider, but as you get better at making it you may want to add other ingredients such as cinnamon. … [Read more...]

Selecting the Best Wrapping Materials to Benefit Ripening

Knowing how to ripen fruits to get the maximum flavor is the first step in learning to preserve foods at home. It's not enough to simply pick the very best looking produce from your garden or supermarket. You want to ripen it optimally before you can, freeze or dry it. Do you want a head start on serving the perfect dinner? Learn how to select the best wrapping materials to benefit ripening. … [Read more...]

How Dating Your Food Can Lead to Loving It More

Everyone faces the issue of food storage. Perhaps you have a great new recipe for tomato sauce and you decide to can it for future use. Or maybe you have a bumper crop of berries to preserve. You might just want to know how to make some meals ahead or keep leftovers fresh. In any of these cases, dating your food will be an invaluable resource toward organizing and making the most of what you have worked so hard to create. … [Read more...]