You Can Make Hard Apple Cider Using Store Bought Apple Juice

If you enjoy the taste of hard apple cider and want to brew a batch at home, the process is simple and fun. You can make your own homemade hard cider by using store bought apple juice in place of juice that has been made fresh at a mill. If you choose to use store bought juice, you should opt for one that does not contain any preservatives. Yeast is needed to aid in the fermentation of the juice, and some preservatives can kill yeast. … [Read more...]

Fermenting Hard Cider

Hard apple cider is much easier to brew on your own than beer, and in my opinion, tastes a lot better as well. You have the option of making hard cider from your own homemade non-alcoholic apple cider, or using fermenting non-alcoholic cider purchased from a store. Either way, the result will be delicious. However, I find that homemade apple cider makes the best hard cider. Another great option is to purchase fresh apple cider from a local cider press. This way, you can support a local … [Read more...]

Home Brew Cider – Should I Use Apples Or Juice?

When starting out on a homebrew adventure for the first time, many people struggle with what they should make. Ideally, a first brew is easy to put together, somewhat fast to mature, and be low on equipment costs. Hard apple cider makes a great first choice for any home brewer, and tastes absolutely fantastic if a proper recipe is followed. Continual adjustments can then be made to make the cider truly your own. Many home brewers never stop producing cider because it is a great seasonal … [Read more...]

How to Make Banana Butter

Canning bananas in the form of banana butter is a great way to take advantage of a sale and turn a good deal into a delicious condiment that can be used any time of the year. Banana butter is very similar to apple butter, pumpkin butter, and other spiced fruit spreads. Imagine a peanut butter sandwich paired with banana butter or a slice of hot banana bread topped with a layer of molten banana spread. Either way, banana butter is simply delicious. To make canned banana butter you will … [Read more...]

How to Make the Best Home Made Sausage Pizza – Fresh Sausage is Best

Homemade pizza is one of life’s greatest joys. In today’s busy world, it is far too easy to take the easy way out and buy take out pizza. If you do that, you are missing out on the wonders of homemade sausage pizza. … [Read more...]