Vinegar Based Barbeque Sauce – We’re Not In Kansas Anymore

If you have ever traveled through the South, then you already know that whole hog eatin' is more of a religion than a dietary delight. Every section of every southern state has their own special way of making the best mouth waterin', finger lickin', lip smackin', truly delicious, make you wanna slap yo mama, authentic Southern Barbeque Sauce handed down from a recipe that pre-dates the war between the states. Having said that, we can only add that the notion of putting anything tomato into … [Read more...]

How to Make Kansas City Sweet and Tangy BBQ Sauce

The key to sweet this Kansas City BBQ sauce is to get the right combination of sweet and tangy flavors. The sauce is ketchup based, with a blend of spices that you can customize to your own tastes. It is very easy to make, and can be prepared in between ten and thirty minutes, depending on the recipe you are following. Once you have made the sauce, apply it liberally to your barbeque meat- large portions of sauce are traditional in Kansas City. … [Read more...]

The Basics of BBQ Sauce

Many places claim to have the best barbecue - from Kansas City to Memphis, all the way to Boulder, CO through Reno - and all BBQ cooks have their special secrets, sauces, tinctures, rubs, and methods. While some people swear by the way they prepare their meat, or how they build their fire, truly good BBQ comes down to the sauce, and the truth is that most BBQ sauces start out much the same. While there are countless variations on this same theme, we are going to take a look at some of the basics … [Read more...]

BBQ Sauce: Common Ingredients, Uncommon Taste

No one knows the actual origin of barbecue sauce. Some people give credit to Columbus, others to the colonists, but everyone has an opinion about how to make it. In some parts of the south, the words “barbecue sauce” may kindle feuds or incite riots. While these sauces have common ingredients, the differences are what stir up trouble. Most contain vinegar, spices and oil or butter, but beyond those basics, the combinations are endless and regional. … [Read more...]

Barbecuing With Spirits – Preparing Bourbon Bbq Sauce

Bourbon barbecue sauce provides a one-of-a-kind flavor that will leave your taste buds wanting more. Since there is alcohol involved in the recipe, you may want to keep the tempting morsels you prepare with your sauce away from the kids, however. Just tell them it has vitamins and iron in it and they likely won't be disappointed about not being able to have any. … [Read more...]