Hawaiian Kona Coffee is a Taste of Paradise

Hawaiian Kona Coffee is a Taste of ParadiseCan sipping your favorite cup of coffee feel like a vacation getaway?

When people think of sipping coffee at a dream vacation destination, their minds often drift to scenes of quaint Parisian cafes or Italian bistros on the Amalfi Coast. Few people associate a good cup of coffee with a tropical island destination, yet that is exactly where some of the most coveted coffee on the globe can be enjoyed. Kona coffee is the pride of Hawaii, and it is loved the world over. Not to worry, you don’t have to actually travel to Hawaii in order to enjoy a cup! Delicious, high quality Kona coffee beans are widely available in coffee shops and grocery stores. If you have heard the raves about Kona coffee and want to get acquainted with the brew before taking the plunge for your first taste, here is a quick study in all things Kona.

From the Big Island to Your Cup

Kona coffee is cultivated on the big island in Hawaii. Part of why Kona is so enjoyable is due to the unique weather conditions in the ecosystem it is derived from. That’s right, the same tropical conditions that make Hawaii feel like paradise to vacationers, also create a cup of coffee that tastes like paradise to coffee consumers. The island’s unique combination of sunny mornings, drizzly afternoon, and mild evening makes for dreamy coffee conditions. The mineral-rich, volcanic soil also plays a part. So when you take a sip of Hawaiian Kona coffee, you are truly having a flavor experience made unique by mother earth.

Be Informed About Your Coffee

When you are shopping for Kona Coffee, there are a few things you should know as an informed consumer. 100% pure Kona Coffee is rarer than more traditional beans, and often times more expensive. For this reason, many coffee brands often offer something called coffee blends, which mix Kona beans with more popular beans such as Colombian. While these blends are high quality and delicious, you will want to take notice of the Kona ratio in order to know how much you are truly getting. In the past ten years or so, the Kona coffee market has exploded. Many specialty shops and high-end coffee shops made a name for themselves by offering Kona and Kona blends. If you want to try out Kona without making a cup at home, many restaurants offer a hot cup of Kona on their dessert menu.

Paradise in a Cup

Kona coffee is brewed just the same as you would brew other beans. Start off with cold, fresh water and a coffee maker which gets to a good temperature to ensure a rich, clean tasting pot of coffee. To enhance the Hawaiian flavor, some people practice adding a drop or two of Kailua to their cup. This is great for special occasions or party hosting. If you have never tasted Kona before, it can be hard to judge the flavor. A quality cup should be smooth, with a hint of sweetness. Many people attribute a hint of chocolate flavor permeating the brew. This is perhaps what makes a cup of Kona fee like such a decadent treat!

You simply cannot call yourself a true coffee aficionado until you have tried Kona coffee. Try some today – but don’t be surprised if you can feel the enchanted Island breeze cutting by with that first sip!