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    Keeping jars in the right temperature

    We store ours in the bottom cabinets of the kitchen, but we use the ones that are well away from the oven and anything else that might heat them up.
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    It might snow...

    I just checked on the weather and it looks as though we might get some snow flurries on Wednesday! I am in Georgia so snow is a rare occurrence for us. I wish it kids haven't ever seen snow before.
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    Fall finales!

    I watched last week's Law and Order SVU tonight on Hulu and it was a good one. I need to catch up on Revenge and Grey's Anatomy now if they are back on.
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    I hope that you get to feeling better soon Stephanie! I know the flu is running rampant in our area so I hope that isn't what you are coming down with.
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    Make your house smell good

    This was an idea that I found on the Pinterest site to make your whole house smell good. Supposedly it is the same smell that Williams and Sonoma stores have but I have never been in one so I don't know about that. You just take some lemon slices, four fresh rosemary sprigs, and a teaspoon of...
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    Shipping what you make?

    I have never tried shipping anything like that, but I think I would put cookies and baked goods in a tin. Then I would put the airbags like Allhops mentioned in there.
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    Fresh Market

    I have never heard of The Fresh Market before so they may not be a national chain. I wish we did have one though because I am always looking for good coffee!
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    Fall finales!

    We just finished the first three seasons of Californication on Amazon and tonight we are planning on starting season 4 of Justified. That should keep us busy until the new episodes come on next week.
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    It's really cold out!

    Yeah, our temperatures are in the single digits too and with the wind I have no idea what the temperature is. It is supposed to warm up later in the week thankfully!
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    Black Silk

    I got some Black Silk coffee in k-cups for Christmas and it is fabulous! It is definitely some of the best coffee I have had in the darker roasts.
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    Homemade Applesauce

    I have always wanted to try making applesauce at home, but I never have before. I'll bet my kids would love it, but I would not look forward to peeling the apples though!
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    It's really cold out!

    Really cold is just not going to cut it for down here. The high today was in the 30's but with the wind it felt like single digits. We rarely get snow down here, but it is definitely cold enough for it.
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    Where do you get grapes?

    This time of year you would probably be best off by getting them from the farmers market. How lucky for you Melli! How many years do they have to grow before you can start getting grapes off of them?
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    Chocolate Sauce

    Well, this looks super easy! I would probably start off with a little less sugar than two cups, but other than that it looks great.
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    Christmas Clean-up

    Well, it took twice as long as I thought it would but I got all of the Christmas stuff put away today. I must have made 20 trips to the attic, but it's done now. Has anyone else cleaned up from Christmas yet?