Best spirit to fortify with

Discussion in 'Wine from Scratch' started by MisterMo, May 31, 2011.

  1. MisterMo

    MisterMo New Member

    If you are making your own wine and you want to fortify it with spirits, which is the best to use? The next question when is the best time to fortify it?
  2. Jason

    Jason Charlie Mops wannabe Staff Member

    Brandy is typically used. But most spirits can be used.

    if you add it after the fermintation it will be a dry wine. If you add it before it will be sweet. The Brandy or other spirit will kill any fermination. So depending on when you add it, it will kill the yeast, and what sugar is not fermented, making it dry or sweet.

    Hope that makes sense, i'm on the laptop, and no spell checker, and my fat fingers do not do so well.
  3. misty

    misty New Member

    Everyone I know has used brandy too. I wonder why everyone uses that one and what the difference using brandy to fortify wine is when compared to other spirits.
  4. Sal47

    Sal47 New Member

    Misty, have you ever tasted good brandy straight? To me it almost tastes a little like red wine. I believe it's made from grapes too. So maybe that's why it's used, if it's similar maybe it would go well with the wine.
  5. Tomato

    Tomato New Member

    I could see how brandy might compliment wine so Sal's thoughts make sense to me. Jason, thanks for all the information. It does make perfect sense to me.
  6. Jason

    Jason Charlie Mops wannabe Staff Member

    Brandy is made from grapes. When you fortify with it, most will use brandy and wine made from the same type of grapes.
  7. gits

    gits New Member

    Wow, I had no idea that is how it goes but now I am more than just knowledgeable. I prefer my wine sweet so fortification so I would add it before fermentation. Anyone who tastes Brandy will always keep going back.
  8. gits

    gits New Member

    Brandy is both the mostly used and recommended spirit but like I always say, there is never any harm in trying out something new. I prefer sweet wine for example.
  9. hoptoit

    hoptoit New Member

    I think brandy is used the most because it is distilled wine. So the flavor profile is works with wine already. I was listening to a radio piece on port wine and it was brainchild of the British in Portugal according to the speaker. But the "brandy" used for the making of port wine is a neutral grape spirit and would not recognizable as Brandy if we were to drink it.
  10. misty

    misty New Member

    You are so right about that. I am sure that must be the reason. I was just in another thread talking about brandy chocolates too. Mmm, brandy is the best spirit to fortify with.
  11. beckyv1265

    beckyv1265 Member

    I want to try some blackberry brandy when my berry bushes start producing. I like my wines sweet the best so I will try adding the brandy before the fermentation. Thanks for the info.
  12. wineywiney

    wineywiney Member

    Is Vodka a valid choice at all?

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