Best Tea(s) to help you sleep?

Discussion in 'Tea' started by CarolynnJ, Jul 10, 2011.

  1. CarolynnJ

    CarolynnJ New Member

    I've head of several different types of teas that will help you sleep but am confused as to which is best. Does anyone here drink Tea at night to help you relax and go to sleep? Any special kind that is better the others? Thanks
  2. Dolce

    Dolce New Member

    Chamomile tea is known for its soothing and relaxing properties, so it seems that it's always on the list of teas that help promote sleep. This is my favorite type of tea, and I usually have a cup in the evening, a few hours before bedtime. :)
  3. CanDo

    CanDo New Member

    Chamomile, like Dolce said, is pretty much the go-to tea for sleeping problems. I don't like the way it tastes, though, so I tend to drink peppermint tea instead. Or warm milk with a bit of honey!
  4. Knert

    Knert New Member

    Anything with Chamomile is good, for me the scent of lavender too but that could just be me (and I am a little odd too). You can also find some good soothing teas that have Chamomile in it, plus other stuff (to get over the Chamomile taste). Good luck!
  5. CarolynnJ

    CarolynnJ New Member

    Sounds like I will have to get some of the Chamomile Tea. I have heard of it but have never tried it. I'm just not big on hot tea. In the winter time I can drink some and I haven't gotten int the Herbal Teas so just sounds good. Thanks!
  6. boxwood

    boxwood New Member

    I am afraid I have to agree with everyone here. Out of all of the teas on the market that say they will help you sleep, Chamomile takes the cake.
  7. wherein

    wherein New Member

    I know there are a few specifically-to-help-you-sleep teas available on the market. I think they're a mix of chamomile and other makes-you-sleepy herbs, and they work pretty well.
  8. rayne

    rayne Member

    I am also in agreement with the others. Chamomile is the "sleep tea" of choice. If you look back in english literatrue, several characters drank chamomile tea at bedtime to help them sleep. It's an old time honored remedy.
  9. Natalie

    Natalie New Member

    Celestial Seasonings makes a variety pack called Sleepytime Extra. That may be one that Wherein was thinking about.

    I found something on Facebook for squash tea. Sounds more like soup to me, but I love squash. She mentions adding honey. That's another ingredient that seems to work its way into insomnia cure remedies.
  10. geets

    geets New Member

    Yes, I agree with others. Chamomile Tea nourishes the spirit and restores calm as you savor it.
  11. Hammy

    Hammy New Member

    I have heard that valerian tea will help get you to sleep. I know that valerian has been used as a sedative, anticonvulsant, migraine treatment and pain reliever since ancient times. I have no clue how to make valerian tea and I don't think I have ever seen this tea in stores.
  12. Starlight

    Starlight New Member

    I've heard of valerian, but I thought it was a supplement. Before you take it, you should probably look into the side effects and possible interactions. If I remember correctly, it can cause upset stomach and has been suspected to cause other more serious problems.
  13. Hammy

    Hammy New Member

    Good call, Starlight, I always forget to mention possible side effects when using herbs. Not all people realize that herbs have side effects and can even be dangerous in high doses. Always check into any remedy and make sure you understand it, before ingesting anything!

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