California Stout


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7# Malt, 2-Row, Pale, Great Western (U.S. Premium)
1.5# Roast Barely, Brown Type (Briess)
1.5# Flaked Barely (MFR unknown)
1.0# Oats, Toastsed (Dark), Organic (tighter grains)
0.50# Black Patent Malt (Breiss)
2 Oz Eroica Hops(14% Alpa Acids)(Reserve .5 oz for finishing)
.25 Oz Cascade Hops
.25 Oz Magnum Hops
San Francisco Yeast, Yeast Labs Brand

Los Angeles Basin Tap Water (Boil & Let Stand)
.5 Tbl Gypsom
Note: Dry hopping kills r/bareley aroma, Cascades leave slight citrus
Mash and boil in English tradition (Infusion, 1.5 hr boil)
Sour 1 Gal., add post primary fermentation.
Raw (turbinado) sugar to prime (level according to desired fuzzyness)
Fermented at room temp.
Technical notes not available (plato etc) because I keep breaking my
expensive glass equipment. Next time: Less Calcium (A lot of hop
bitterness went to the bottom) No Cascade Hops....Would like to
increase sourness (let 2.5 gal spoil)


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Hey folks, Ive made a bunch of nice dry stouts, but never a Chicory Stout. Has anyone used Chicory before? Im thinking about either putting it in the last 15 or cold pressing with coffee & St. Johns wort try the Dogfish & putting in the secondary & again into bottling if I didnt get flavor right. Thoughts?


#8 2 Row
#1 Flaked Oats
8oz Roasted Barley
8oz Choc. Malt
4oz Black Patent
1oz Glacier 60
1oz Glacier 30
1pkg Irish Ale WLP 004

Now when to add chicory & St. Johns Wort?