Can pathogens live in beer?

Discussion in 'Home Brewing' started by dimples, Sep 8, 2010.

  1. dimples

    dimples New Member

    I know beer can get infected and I was wondering if drinking an infected beer can make a person sick. Can a pathogen even live in beer? When I say sick I mean outside of anyone with a beer allergy.
  2. misty

    misty New Member

    I do not think that any kind of bacteria can survive in beer. While you may have a batch that gets infected or ruined I do not actually think that it can make you sick. I am not the expert on that but that is what I have heard.
  3. wild

    wild Moderator

    No known human pathogen can survive in beer.
  4. Brownwear

    Brownwear New Member

    I agree with you, no pathogen can survive in beer and any other alcoholic drinks. I just wonder if beer can kill bacteria inside your body and cure your diseases.
  5. Frasier

    Frasier New Member

    If that were the case, then outfits like Anheiser Busch would be a lot richer than they are. Beer is good for you to a certain extent, but I wouldn't go that far.
  6. dimples

    dimples New Member

    Ah I see. Well it is nice to know that beer itself can not carry pathogens. It does give me peace of mind. In some ways that means it could be safer to drink than water in some cases.
  7. cuzican

    cuzican New Member

    No wonder men are always so sassy and healthy. I have seen my husband drink from a stream and then get a beer and never get sick. Me, I will catch parasites and pathogens from drinking water if they are present. I don't drink beer maybe I need to start drinking it.
  8. angeson

    angeson Defender of the swill

    Recently I read of small beer.I found this recipe of George Washington's. I have yet to make a batch.Anyhow good water wasnt abundant during colonial days so they made small beer,a low alcohol drink that would be bug free.As the story goes they would supply it to their laborers sometimes in guaranteed amounts.

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