Christmas is here


Christmas is here...well, at least at the department stores and Walmart. Didn't we used to get through Halloween before all of the Christmas decorations came out? Do you know how hard it is to explain to a four year old and a two year old that Christmas is not actually coming in a few days? :eek:


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Don't tell me that. We have not shopped for much so far this year because we have been working on the house. I am sure the next few months will go by in a breeze but still I hate the rush.


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Lowes here is setup for Christmas alreaddy. Kind of sad. The skipped all the fall stuff as far as I can tell. Home Depot has not been as bad. As far as other stores other then Publix I cannot tell you what they have.


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Well, I haven't been to too many places but the dollar store had Christmas stuff out and I know Walmart put out Christmas stuff awhile ago.


I was in the Dollar Tree this week and they were putting out Halloween and Christmas at the same time. I really wish we could get through one holiday before the merchandising begins for the next.


Sick! November is fine to start. People wonder why others get sick of Christmas before it even gets here. I saw Christmas decorations at Big Lots yesterday. I didn't even look at them.


Wow, that's early. I haven't seen any Christmas stuff out in the stores here, but then I haven't been shopping this week. I'll have to look as I actually need some Christmas balls for the ornament covers I'm crocheting.


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Dollar Tree and other places like that tend to start out early and just combo everything. I am a little surprised that we are not getting flyers in the mail yet advertising for the holiday sales.