How to make magic mushroom- or truffle tea


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How to make magic mushroom- or truffle tea
The major benefitof drinking magic mushroom- or truffleteacompared tojusteating thetrufflesis thetaste.Magictruffleshavea ratherpeculiar taste, which is not appreciated by everyone. By making tea out of the truffles, the taste will water down and become less absent. Your trip will start earlier without the truffle taste in your mouth.

The magic mushroom / truffle tea recipe
1. Cut thetruffles or shrooms into small pieces, you can also crush them if you like, or use a coffee grinder. The smaller the pieces are, the better the active substance will be absorbed in the water. So make them as small as you possibly can.

2. Boil the water. The strength of the tea depends on the amount of water you add to the truffles.

3. Remove the water from heat. The active substances in truffles are broken down by too much heat, so it is important that the water is not boiling anymore when added to the truffles.

4. Add the truffles or shrooms to the boiled water and leave the tea for 15-20 minutes.

5. Stir the tea gently.

6. Your shroom / truffle tea is ready to drink! Eventually you can add some honey to sweeten the taste.

7. For the best effect, make sure you also consume the remaining bits on the bottom of your glass.