Wake Up and Go To Sleep Stout


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This is something that I try to brew at least twice a year. It's a
nice Irish stout with a little pick-me-up added (espresso). I usually
use a Chocolate Cappucino, but I've experimented with a couple of
others as well. The coffee blends quite well with the stout. I've
even won first place in the specialty beer category at a Houston
competition with this one

4 # Dark Malt Extract
3 # Light Malt Extract
1/8 # Roasted Barley
1/8 # Black Patent Malt
1/4 # Chocolate Malt
1 # Crystal Malt (90 lov)
1 1/2 oz Northern Brewer Hops (Boiling)
1/2 oz Willamette Hops (Finishing)
2 1/2 cups Chocolate Cappucino (espresso ground)
1 pkg Wyeast Irish Ale yeast

Steep roasted barley, black patent, chocolate, and crystal malts in 1
1/2 gallons of water while bringing to a boil. Remove grains at boil.
Add dark and light extracts and boiling hops and boil for 60 minutes.
Add coffee at the last 5-7 minutes of the boil. Add finishing hops at
the last 2 minutes of the boil before racking to primary fermenter.
Pitch yeast when cooled below 90 degrees F.
Primary Fermentation: 5 days
Secondary Fermentation: 10-14 days
Add 3/4 cup corn sugar at bottling
Age: about 6-8 weeks


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Hey folks, Ive made a bunch of nice dry stouts, but never a Chicory Stout. Has anyone used Chicory before? Im thinking about either putting it in the last 15 or cold pressing with coffee & St. Johns wort try the Dogfish & putting in the secondary & again into bottling if I didnt get flavor right. Thoughts?


#8 2 Row
#1 Flaked Oats
8oz Roasted Barley
8oz Choc. Malt
4oz Black Patent
1oz Glacier 60
1oz Glacier 30
1pkg Irish Ale WLP 004

Now when to add chicory & St. Johns Wort?