Wisconsin Senate passes bill updating homebrew law


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The Wisconsin Senate passed a bill Tuesday that would make critical changes to homebrew guidelines in a state known for appreciating beer.

Current state law prohibits home brewers from transporting any beer or wine they make at home. The bill passed on a 32-1 vote would change that and allow them to make beer or wine outside their home. It now moves to the Assembly.

The bill would also exempt home brewers from permit requirements and taxes as long as they don't make more than 100 gallons for one person in a household or 200 gallons for two people in a household. As with current law, brewers cannot sell any beverage they make.

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Sounds like a win for brewers in Wisconsin. I think we will see a lot of states updating laws regarding homebrewing because it has seen such an increase in popularity.


We are in talk with other homebrew clubs in our state in order to create a Homebrewer's Guild. The guild's main focus will be to change legislation for the homebrewers and to create an insurance umbrella for to cover all of the clubs.


That's good that Wisconsiners can now drink and be merry with friends. I don't get why selling muffins or burritos you make is legal, but alcohol is not. Perhaps because the big companies don't want any competition?


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It would be amazing if they kept things simple, isn't there a rule about K.I.S.S.? Really even under the old law its confusing. What would happen if someone was a brewer who ended up moving, how would they "move" their stuff?


Moving a person's homebrew from their old house to their new house is not an issue. The old laws were in place to keep homemade spirits and such at home and away from John Q. Public. Licensed distributors were created in the Big Three to distribute from a licensed producer to a licensed retailer. This three tier setup also created a three way taxing for the govt.