Home Brewing Beer – Women Can Get in on the Suds, Too!

A few thousand years ago, the discovery of beer was mostly likely made by women. Why is this, someone may ask? Even in established civilizations, women were at home cooking and experimenting. It was not until a couple of centuries that beer became known as a man’s drink. Today, beer companies gear their product towards men through sexy advertisements of scantily clad women and sleek cars. Beer, like other alcohols such as wine, can be brewed to meet both the tastes and expectations of women. If its home-brewed, its all the more likely to taste terrific and be appealing to both sexes without the need of girls in bikinis laying on classic cars.

There are several reasons for home brewing beer. The experience itself is a reason for anyone to try, for one thing. More than that, if someone already has all of the materials, its cheaper than buying beer at the store, especially the higher-end beer. Homemade beer can also be adjusted to the brewer’s tastes and flavors can be as unique as the brewer wants.

For sure, to home brew every brewer needs a few items. The first must have is obviously the fermenter. The fermenter simply needs to be a vessel that has a lid and can airlock for brewing safety. Even a bucket, which is food grade (meaning someone can put food into it), can be used, as long as it is used with the proper lids and airlocks. The next is another bucket known as the bottling bucket along with a bottle filler, capper (to seal the finished bottles of beer). To boil the wort there needs to be a brew pot. For siphoning and racking, siphon tubing, racking cane and auto-siphon are all needed. One item few people think about is the hydrometer. This is a must have to take the original and final gravity readings.

Be sure to have some other kitchen items on hand. A kitchen scale is extremely useful for measuring hops and grains, but also have measuring cups including ones made of Pyrex due to the temperature of certain items. Funnels, tongs, a whisk and a turkey baster should always be on hand. There should also be stirring spoons that are melt-resistant such as a dedicated one for yeast starters and another one to stir the wort.

Sometimes the best option for a beginner brewer is a starter kit. The best starter kits come with all the needed items. Sometimes, the optional items people already have in their kitchen, such as a melt resistant spoon. A good reason to have a starter kit is because it is much easier to have everything needed, on hand. They also usually come with step by step instructions. The only drawback to the beer kits is the price; pricing for some beer kits can be just under one hundred dollars or as high as four hundred dollars. However, although it is easy enough to buy everything individually, beginning with a beer kit makes the process that much simpler and all the more fun. Plus, there are more than just ordinary beer kits. There are kits for pale ale, pumpkin ale, beer and even kits for those interested in wine making, as well.

National breweries may do it and local restaurants to, but there is nothing as satisfying as homemade brewed beer. It may seem like a complicated task, but home brewing beer is both easy and fun with the right tools. For those women curious about brewing, it is not just for men. Sure, there’s that iconic image of the average pot-bellied male drinking a beer in a comfy chair. However, beer is not what it used to be. From tasting to home brewing, a connoisseur of beers can be a man or woman. So women, get in on the suds, too. One will be surprised how fun it can be!