How to Choose Yeast for Your Home-Brewed Beer

The type of yeast used in brewing beer will define the character of the beer and create your unique signature. With more than 500 various strains of yeast available, the task of choosing one can be somewhat daunting, but if you know some basic qualities of yeast it will help you in choosing the right ones. Things to consider when choosing yeasts are flocculation, flavor and aroma, production of fermentation bi-products, attenuation, and rate of fermentation. … [Read more...]

How To Make Beer And Avoid Bottle Bombs

From rich, full lagers, to light beers that accentuate the unmistakable taste of smooth hops, beer is one of the world's great pleasures. Savoring the taste of an exceptional beer is always enjoyable, but there is something remarkably unique about sipping a homemade beer. Making beer at home can be a fun pastime, with home brewers able to easily experiment with different flavor profiles and aromas. Of course, it is essential to pay close attention to detail, in order to produce great-tasting … [Read more...]

Home Brewing Recipes – Find Them or Invent Them?

Brewing beer at home is a hobby that many men and women enjoy. It is an opportunity to create new flavors and try out something different. The problem is that many individuals struggle with the decision to make up personal recipes or follow the recipes of others. The final choice is made based on personal preferences, but most beginners are recommended to find and use other recipes. … [Read more...]

A Bottling Wand Makes Bottling Less Of A Hassle

The finishing touch on home brewing is usually putting the beer into bottles. The problem that many individuals face is trying to pour the beer directly into a funnel or using a spigot and hoping that it will not accidentally spill. Using a bottling wand can reduce the number of hassles and make the process of bottling much faster. … [Read more...]

The Art of Steeping Grains for Home Brewing

You steep tea and climb steep hills, but what does it mean to steep grains for home brewing? The most basic answer to the question is that steeping really is similar to steeping tea in that a natural food item is soaked in hot water to draw out flavors and color. However, steeping grains for home brewing involves more than just dipping a bag filled with leaves in a cup. To get the perfect home-brewed beer that suits your personal tastes, you have to consider the temperature of the water and the … [Read more...]