Merlot: Its Flavors, Food Pairing and More

Merlot is a classic wine that should be represented in everyone's wine rack. It is available as a red or white wine, and it is also available in three different main varieties. Due to the variations between different types of Merlot, it is important for a wine lover to keep several different bottles on hand. If you have all of the styles of Merlot available, then you will never need to struggle to find the right wine to pair with a meal. … [Read more...]

Characteristics to Look for When Tasting Champagne

Champagne is a beverage that many people love to enjoy on holidays or other special occasions. The drink comes from the Champagne region of France, and contrary to popular belief, it is the only type of sparkling wine that can be technically referred to as champagne. It is distinguished from other sparkling wines because it undergoes a secondary fermentation in the bottle that gives it the bubbly appearance. Technicalities aside, champagne remains a favorite of many due it its sweetness, fruity … [Read more...]

How to Cleanse Your Palette Between Wine Tastings

Wine can be much more than just a beverage, it can be an experience. Sipping on sumptuous wine is a way for people to bond. Rather than visiting expensive wineries, consider having a wine tasting soiree at your home. If you are interested in learning more about wine simply for your own education, you can simply sample wines in your own home and develop your palette. To truly appreciate the aromas and flavors of the wines you should make it a point to cleanse the palette properly between tastes. … [Read more...]

Making Fruit Wine Easily and Efficiently

When it comes to making fruit wine, people usually think about grapes, but plenty of other fruits can be used. Domestic winemaking is a popular activity. The acid and sugar levels vary with different fruits, but the process is still easy to do. According to many wine lovers, the work is well worth the effort. … [Read more...]