How to Clean Coffee Mugs

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Coffee stains are a nuisance for many coffee drinkers. After a short while, those stains can make it difficult for one to determine whether or not the mugs are clean. There are several ways to go about cleaning a coffee mug.

One can mix a combination of vinegar and baking soda together. The solution works to release the internal stains within a coffee cup. Simply fill the empty cup with part vinegar and part baking soda. A creamy paste-like solution will be formed as a result. Allow the solution to sit unattended for several hours. Then pour the solution out and wipe the inside of the cup. This is one way to go about removing a coffee stain from within a coffee cup.

Baking soda can also be used to clean a coffee cup. Using a wet cloth, apply baking soda on the stains in the empty mug. Next, fill the coffee cup with hot water. Allow the cup to sit overnight with the solution. Empty the solution in the morning and the stains should be barely visible.

Corn starch can be used with vinegar to remove stains in a coffee mug. Simply create a vinegar paste with corn starch. Allow the coffee mug to sit for several minutes. Then begin scrubbing the cup. After several minutes, the stains should begin to disappear from the surface.

Denture tablets can also be used to clean the inside of a stained coffee mug. One can add several tablets to the empty mug. Hot water should then be poured into the mug. The coffee cup should be allowed to sit overnight. After one night of soaking, the cup can then be rinsed.

Baking soda can be used in a different way. One can create a paste consisting of baking soda and water. A damp cloth or towel can be used to apply the paste to the stains within the cup. The paste should be applied in a circular motion to form an even coat. Instead of filling the mug with the remainder of the solution, allow the mug with the thinly-applied paste to sit for several hours. The cup can then be rinsed, and the stains should be removed.

One can also remove the stains within a coffee mug by simply soaking the cup in vinegar overnight. The cup can be filled with pure vinegar, or a vinegar mixture that consists of water. The cup should be allowed to soak overnight before rinsing. There should be an improvement in the prevalence of stains.

One can also use bleach to remove stubborn coffee stains. The coffee mug should be filled with bleach. The coffee mug should sit overnight once it is completely filled. In the morning, the cup should be emptied and rinsed. The stains should be less visible after this treatment.
Standard dishwasher detergent can be used to treat coffee stains. The coffee cup should be filled with boiled water. Several teaspoons of dishwasher detergent can be added to the solution. The coffee mug should be allowed to soak overnight. The cup can then be rinsed once it has been allowed to soak for approximately eight hours.

Vinegar and salt is another common way to remove tough coffee mug stains. One can create a paste of salt and vinegar. One tablespoon of salt and white vinegar should be combined in a bowl. Once a solid paste has been created, a moist towel can be used to clean the mug. The mug should be scrub until the staining disappears. The coffee mug can be rinsed and its appearance should improve.

Coffee mug stains can be removed with common household products. Dishwashing detergent, vinegar, baking soda, corn starch, and salt can all be used to clean a coffee mug. The process generally requires a combination of soaking, scrubbing and some household concoction. Hot water usually improves the stain treatment process. The sooner the stain is treated, the better the outcome of the cleaning method.

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