How to Make the Perfect Cup of Coffee Every Single Time

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Brewing a perfect cup of coffee is not a secret. It’s not above top secret classified information locked up in Area 51. If you want to brew the perfect of coffee, it does require following an exact process.

Start off with clean equipment. Sediment and oil from a previously brewed cup of coffee builds up in your coffee pot and when exposed to air, leaves a rancid taste in the next cup. It is recommended to clean your coffee equipment thoroughly after every use.

If you take coffee as seriously as I do, don’t buy beans off the shelf from your local grocery store. Coffee may go bad sitting on the shelf for too long. Find a coffee shop that sells fresh roasted coffee beans. A real aficionado may want to roast the beans.

Store the beans in a cool dry place. Coffee will keep for a couple of months when stored in the refrigerator. The beans loose quality the longer they sit. This is more noticeable with pre-ground coffee.

Use filtered water. Tap water will work but if you are looking to squeeze out every last drop of taste, filtered water is best. If you use tap water, let the faucet run for a few seconds to avoid sediment and a metallic taste. Before grinding the coffee beans, clean out the bean container and immediately grind your coffee.

The preferred coffee grinder uses a grinding wheel to crush the coffee beans against a non-moving surface. This method produces a consistent grind time after time. Use an unbleached coffee filter when possible. The bleached white filters may affect the flavor of the coffee.

Different brewing methods require different grinds of coffee. Follow these suggestions for the correct times.
Coarse grind – grind coffee for 5-10 seconds. This is usually used when percolating coffee.

Medium grind – grind coffee for 10-12 seconds. This grind is usually used for drip coffee makers and the French press. It is the most popular grind in the United States.

Fine grind – grind coffee for 15-20 seconds. This grind is popular in Italy and France and is used with the vacuum method of coffee making.

Extra fine grind = grind coffee for 25-35 seconds. This grind is exclusively used to make espresso.

Use 1.5-2 tablespoons of coffee for every six ounces of coffee. Don’t approximate. Use a measuring spoon. Don’t use boiling water with the drip method. Bring the water to a boil and wait 30-45 seconds for it to cool down to between 195-200 degrees. Boiling water will burn the coffee and leave a bitter taste but water that is too cool will not extract the coffee from the grinds. When percolating, stir the coffee before pouring for consistent flavor.

Drink your freshly brewed cup of coffee immediately. Coffee quickly loses its flavor as soon as it is brewed.

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