How to Pick the Best Home Coffee Maker

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So you’re back from that specialty coffee shop with your pricey special blend coffee and you can’t wait to taste it. After you have selected the type of coffee beans from a specific part of the world, blended them carefully, and had the beans roasted just right, what happens now? Are you just going to throw that special blend into a standard coffee maker and expect to get a fantastic cup of coffee? Perhaps you should take some time to learn about how to go about getting the right coffee maker for you.

If you’re like most folks, you just don’t have any idea what temperature is the ideal coffee-blending temperature. All you know is that you want a great tasting cup of coffee. A coffee aficionado who is absolutely wild about the whole process of making coffee is probably going to spend a bit more for a great coffee maker. If you just want that great taste of your special coffee, then maybe a cheaper variety of coffee maker will work just fine for you. Price is going to be the first factor in selecting a coffee maker. For the most part, the better coffee makers are going to cost more. Cheaper coffee makers are going to be made more cheaply out of lower quality parts and will probably no last as long or produce a superior cup of coffee.

We’ve all seen the popular Keurig coffee makers and how they produce a cup of coffee in seconds. But is it a great cup of coffee? Some folks contend it is pretty good. Most coffee aficionados would have another opinion. This coffee maker is easy to use and clean, but it may not make the cup of coffee you like. Bunn also makes a great coffee maker and has been around since 1957. When it comes to building quality coffee makers, they probably know what they’re doing. There are quite a few great coffee makers on the market today. Here’s the low-down on a few of the top-rated coffee makers.

Cuisinart DCC-1200 12-Cup Brew Central Coffee Maker

Always one of the best every year, Cuisinart’s DCC-1200 is a great coffee maker for a good price. It can brew the standard 12 five-ounce cups and has a programmable clock and timer. If you do remember to set it all up the night before, you’ll awaken to the sounds and smells of coffee, and there is nothing better than waking up to the aroma of brewing coffee. This coffee maker also has several pre-set brewing options that can make the best coffee based on just how much coffee you’re going to brew. Complete with a charcoal water filter, this machine makes a great cup of coffee.

Braun KF590 Impressions Digital Coffee Maker

One of the best-selling coffee makers at, the Braun KF590 is under $65 – a great deal for this amazing machine. One of the better features of this coffee maker is the 54 oz Carafe with non-slip open handle and an indicator to measure just the right amount of water for your specific coffee flavor. The Fast-Brew feature allows coffee to be brewed quickly while making sure the flavor is the best it can be. This one is a great looking, hard-working coffee maker at a good price.

Black & Decker DCM675BF Coffee Maker

This id hands-down one of the best coffee makers out there for those who don’t want to spend a lot of money but still want great coffee flavor. The Black & Decker DCM675BF is a smaller 5 cup coffee maker that uses the practical but efficient drip brewing system to get every bit of flavor out of your special coffee. It comes with a digital soft touch pad and programmable brewing times. There’s also an automatic shut-off feature. All this for less than $30.

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