How to Use K Cups

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Making coffee or tea used to come with a number of annoying inconveniences. You used to have to boil a pot or start a coffee maker, which takes a long time to heat the water. In addition, you also had to worry about whether you had too much water or too little, in case you only wanted to make one cup for yourself. The Keurig Single Cup Brewing System changed that. In only a minute or less, it can brew coffee, tea or hot chocolate from a single, precisely measured cup called a K-Cup pack.

It is very easy to use the Keurig Brewing System. Simply fill it with water, then open the basket lid and place a K-cup in the basket. Close the lid, making sure it punches a hole in the cup to let the water through. Select your cup size, press start and you will have a delicious hot beverage in seconds with no wasted water and little mess.

If you do not own a Keurig Brewing System or any K-cup compatible brewer, then do not worry. You can still enjoy the beverages without one, but it will take a small amount of work. First, peel the foil off the top of the K-cup and dump the grounds into a cup. Next, cut the bottom of the K-cup with a pair of scissors. After that, pour hot water into the coffee cup with the grounds. Pour the brewed coffee through the K-cup into another coffee cup slowly to strain the grounds. This method works well regardless of your choice of beverage.

The K-cups were designed to save you time as you make your morning coffee, but you can also tweak it to save money on buying new K-cups. Recycling a K-cup is hard, but it is possible. Start by peeling off the foil, throwing out the grounds and washing the cup thoroughly. After letting it dry completely, fill the cup with coffee, tea, hot chocolate or any other ground or powdered beverage. Cut two 2-inch squares of plastic wrap and seal them over the K-cups securely, then brew them the same way as you would a new one.

In addition, if you have the Keurig brewing system and want to use it with types of coffee or other beverages that are unavailable as K-Cups, then purchase a My K-Cup plastic filter holder. Simply put it in the basket with your own type of coffee grind, then clean and rinse it when you’re done. Avoid poking multiple holes in the cup when you reuse it, or it will weaken the brew. This method also saves you money, as the cost of replacing a worn My K-Cup is far less than the total cost of buying new K-Cups over time.

The Keurig Single Cup Brewing System was designed to take the hassle out of making hot beverages. When you need that morning cup of coffee but you have to be at work in a half-hour, it may make the difference between being on time or being late. In addition to its easy-to-use push-button operation, you can customize it easily to save money and expand the types of beverages the Keurig Brewing System can make.

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