The Benefits of an Italian Coffee Maker

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Coffee is the one drink — save for, perhaps, alcohol — that has had the most profound impact on human society. Hundreds of thousands of pots of coffee are consumed every day; the product can be found at all restaurants and bakeries, and is popular enough that huge franchises of stores can exist selling coffee as their primary product. When making coffee for one’s own pleasure, one wants to brew the best cup possible. There is nothing like a good cup of coffee on a cold winter morning, and a good-tasting and pleasant-smelling cup can warm one up before one has even taken a drink. An Italian coffee maker has many benefits, and can give one this perfect cup of hot coffee time and time again.

Italian coffee makers are used to make espresso, which differs from standard coffee as understood in America. This is a crucial difference, as one would be very surprised to order a normal coffee and end up receiving an espresso. They would be equally surprised to attempt to brew standard American coffee in an Italian coffee maker. Espresso is a more bitter, stronger type of coffee. It is quite condensed and has a lot of bite to it. This is one of the advantages, as there is more flavor in less liquid, so one can sip an espresso and not feel they are drinking a gallon of liquid to get it all down. Also, there is more caffeine in this condensed liquid. So, for those trying to wake up in the morning, an espresso can get the same amount of caffeine into one’s body in a much shorter amount of time.

One of the benefits of an Italian coffee maker is the time that it saves. The coffee will be brewed in minutes, whereas some American coffee makers can take twenty minutes just to brew a single pot. If one has to go to work, school, or church, one may not be able to wait this long without being late when finally arriving at one’s destination. An Italian coffee maker works much faster, so it can be turned on even at the last minute and will still provide one with a hot drink before one is late. As a result of having a smaller — as pertains to liquid volume — amount of coffee, one will also be able to drink it faster, again saving time if deadlines are pressing down.

Another advantage of an Italian coffee maker is the construction. It is made almost entirely of metal, often of stainless steel. There are not dozens of buttons to push, that can break, as on an American coffee maker. There are not wires and other electronic parts that can break, or at least not as many. Metal has a decided advantage over plastic as far as durability is concerned, and the Italian coffee maker can withstand much more abuse. The pot itself is often metal, not glass, and so can survive being dropped without shattering into hundreds of pieces and rendering the machine useless.

Finally, the Italian coffee maker has the advantage of, in many of the designs, having an eight-sided metal pot. This does not sound like it would do that much, but it is actually a premier design to allow the heat to diffuse in a fashion that is perfect for coffee. If one is drinking much coffee over a long time, or perhaps brewing the coffee before it is going to be consumed, to get ready in advance, this design will help provide cups of coffee at the perfect temperature. The coffee connoisseur knows that there is nothing worse than a cup of coffee that has cooled poorly, that is lukewarm and unappealing. For the restaurant or the home, this design is excellent in keeping everyone satisfied.

The benefits of an Italian coffee maker are many, and one would be wise to invest in one and brew the ultimate cup.

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