The Best Day Starts With a Strong Cup of Coffee

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Imagine waking up to the distant sounds of water automatically being heated to just the right temperature and trickling onto a bed of freshly ground coffee, the grounds bursting to life in an explosion of flavor and rich aroma. Coffee. In the morning. There is nothing like it. The experience, the anticipation, the first wave of aromatic steam gently rising from the cup, almost imperceptibly caressing your face with a loving and fragrant coffee bouquet. And then you draw in a breath just as the first almost scalding ripple touches your waiting lips with that wonderful, fantastic taste.

It may seem a bit extreme, but for some folks this is the way they begin each and every day. Those who do not partake of the dark bean broth have little understanding of the positive effects that a single cup of great tasting coffee can have on the beginning of your day. After all, there is a reason they say that it’s the best part of waking up.

Many folks throughout history have found coffee to be a wonderful way to start their day. Both Bach and Beethoven were fans of the strong beverage claiming to gain inspiration from the drinking of it. Coffee has been a part of making a great day for people all through the centuries.

French novelist and playwright, Honore de Balzac who is known to be one of the founders of realism in European literature, was a notorious coffee-fiend. Balzac would have a light meal around 5 o’clock in the afternoon, go to bed and sleep until midnight. He would get up and work for many hours fueled by endless cups of black coffee. Balzac described coffee affecting him like battalions of the Grand Army on the battlefield” and that the coffee actually helped him in writing some of the most significant literary works of all time. Now there’s a man who knows how to start a day with coffee.

In Bologna, Italy back in 1691, Angelo Rambaldi created a literary work divided into eighteen different sections called the “Ambrosia Arabica, Caffe Discorso.” The work describes the origin, cultivation, roasting, and final preparation of the coffee bean. What could possess a man to write such a treatise touting his love of coffee. That must have been some pretty good coffee. Imagine starting your day with a big cup of Rambaldi’s coffee.

Coffee also played an integral part in the revolution and separation of the American colonies from Great Britain. Being of English origin, the colonists were wild about tea, as any respectable Englishman would be. But historical events surrounding the Boston Tea Party and the extreme taxation on that very tea would lead the colonists to find another beverage to satisfy their taste buds. Coffee was just the thing and the colonists came to think of that coffee as the very essential ingredients of the American Revolution, created and plotted in coffee houses. They started their day with coffee and a snub to the King. Coffee played a huge role in the French Revolution as well.

In Japan, where tea reigned supreme for several thousand years. The Japanese people as a nation were literally devoted to tea. Their culture was saturated with tea. Today, coffee has surpassed tea in popularity and value. Since Starbucks® has moved into Japan, the Japanese people have increased their demand for more fresh ground coffee. It seems the Japanese people have discovered the secret to starting a great day with coffee.

Yes, coffee has played an important part of a number of great days for innumerable coffee drinkers throughout history, and continues to change the cultural climate around the world. Coffee could be regaled as the drink that changed the world, and changed it for the better! It almost makes you wonder what folks did before coffee. Can you imagine starting your day without that wonderful, steaming cup of coffee goodness?

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