The Perfect Gift For Coffee Lovers

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The Perfect Gift For Coffee LoversGetting an appropriate gift for the person who seems to have everything is easy if that person is a coffee lover. For those who are looking for the perfect cup, coffee can almost be a lifestyle, an ongoing search for just the right level of richness. The many different types of brewing methods available give you a wide selection to choose from when shopping for the coffee fanatic on your gift list.

French Press
For many lovers of coffee, the French press is the ultimate in beverage preparation. These simple brewing systems consist of a glass pot and either a plastic or metal lid with a plunger attached. Coarse coffee grounds and hot water are combined in the pot and left to brew before being separated by depressing the plunger. A filter at the bottom of the plunger pushes the grounds down, creating a rich pot of coffee with very little effort. Due to their compact size, these pots are easy to transport, making them great gifts for coffee fanatics on the go.

Espresso Machine
The advent of large chain coffeehouses has given rise to a love of espresso. Whether enjoyed straight up or as part of a more complex drink, this rich and potent brew can be made at home with the right equipment. Espresso machines range in style from simple, inexpensive steam brewers that make a few shots at a time to pump machines that use a manually operated lever to force water through the grounds at high pressure. Some of these machines can be expensive, so you might have to skip this gift option if you’re on a budget.

“Perk pots” may seem a bit retro when compared to modern coffee brewing methods, but they have many positive points for people who love coffee. These pots are available in both stovetop and self-heating models that can be put on a burner or plugged in to make coffee any time. Brew strength is easier to customize with a percolator, since the machine can simply be removed from the heat or unplugged when the desired richness is achieved. If the coffee is too weak, the pot can go back on the heat to make it stronger.

Drip Pot
The most common of all home coffee brewing methods, a traditional drip pot gives coffee addicts a quick and easy way to brew large amounts of coffee at the push of a button. Ranging in size from machines that make just a few cups to those that churn out enough coffee for a crowd, drip pots are readily available in department stores, grocery stores and on the Internet. Most of them include a timer that can be set so that there’s coffee ready the moment you wake up, which is perfect for anyone who tends to feel sluggish in the morning.

Combination Brewers
People who love both regular coffee and espresso drinks appreciate the convenience of combination brewers. Many well-known names now make machines that turn out not only coffee, but also espresso, hot chocolate and hot water for tea. With these systems, coffee aficionados can create everything from a simple single espresso shot to elaborate lattes right at home whenever the craving hits.

Single-Serving Brewers
In recent years, companies such as Keurig and Tassimo have brought the concept of single-serving coffee machines into the mainstream. Instead of loose coffee grounds, these machines make use of pods or discs, sealed plastic cups that are designed to brew just one cup of coffee. As popularity of these machines continues to grow, other beverage options emerge. Anyone can now brew tea, hot chocolate and other specialty beverages on demand straight into the cup of their choice. These machines make great gifts for busy friends.

With all of these coffee brewing methods to choose from, you should have no trouble finding the perfect gift for any coffee lover.

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