Why Coffee Beans Are Blended

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You notice that on the packaging of your coffee it says “well-blended”, “mild blend”, or “signature blend.” You may have wondered about the significance of the blend, what difference it makes in the taste of your coffee and you might have even wondered why your coffee beans have to be blended in the first place. Basically, when coffee beans are blended, they’re mixed with either different kinds of coffee grounds or a large amount of the same kind. Blending creates a certain body or smell for coffee. Being well-informed about coffee blending is not only educational, but it may help you become more discerning when choosing coffee and figuring out what kind you like best.

Blending coffee beans is usually done to create a certain flavor. Blending coffee beans that have a hearty flavor with beans that have a zesty and sweet flavor can create a completely new and unique taste for coffee-lovers to enjoy. One famous technique, called the Melange, is to take a mixture of beans of varying ages and degrees of roasting and blend them together for a new flavor. Coffee blending can also be done to improve on a type of coffee that is bland, “soft” or, in some cases, defective.

Price is also an issue when it comes to blending beans. A more expensive coffee won’t cost as much when it’s blended with coffee beans that cost less. While the final blend may not taste as rich as the expensive coffee would on its on, you’ll at least be able to afford a cup of it without going broke. For example, Arabica coffee is popular for its pure flavor, fragrant aroma and delicate aftertaste. But it is not so popular for its price. Blending Arabica coffee beans with those of an inexpensive coffee is a great way to enjoy many of Arabica’s qualities without having to pay as much.

Companies and cafes may choose to blend beans so that they may have their very own trademark coffee blend. The top coffee cafes and businesses have their very own special flavor of coffee that their customers visit them and only them to enjoy. The only thing about having a signature blend is that it could come with a high amount of caffeine, depending on the type of beans and the blending method that was used. It is best that trademark blends are created by coffee connoisseurs who fully understand the “notes” in coffee beans and how they’ll taste and interact with other beans so that they can create the perfect final blend.

If you like, you can try creating your very own coffee blend; the variety of tastes and flavors is virtually infinite. Coffee beans can be blended for a decaffeinated coffee or espresso. To start, all you have to do is decide what “notes” you want your coffee to have and choose the beans and roasts that have those unique flavors. Who knows, maybe you can use your signature blend to open up a coffee shop of your own.

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