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  • Now we're making a little more beer these days. Not really competition beers but socializing brews.Did amber ale twice in a row. Pilsners 2 times and a strange black lager I named Bloodweiser. The Irish red from May seems to be gaining tasters love. I feel a porter coming on me amigos want some stout come autumn.
    Merlot,Carmenere and Syrah in the bottle.Strawberry,Chardonney and Skeeter Pee are new releases. Independence juice(4th of July),Boo Berry(Halloween), Piesporter and Jungle Juice 1 and 2 are distant memories.Strawberry and strawberry 2 were huge successes and cemented or fermented the idea that I'm a wine maker to my friends.Low budget rose> LBJ(low budget juice)Fruity too,peach/apple and a banana are the experiments of late.
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