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    Working Out

    Good job on beginning a workout routine. I recently restarted mine and it is really tough to stick to some days. You should work out your entire body for the best results.
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    New freezing rules.

    I have always been one to trust my senses over some randomly selected date in the future to tell me if my food is bad. I usually freeze fresh meats right away if I am not going to cook them in the next few days. I just don't feel comfortable leaving them longer than that but I wouldn't just toss...
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    Tazo Passion Fruit Tea

    I love all the Tazo teas, they are so delicious and definitely worth paying more for. I do admit to hitting up Starbucks for one occasionally though. They make the best sweet tea I have ever had and I just can't emulate it at home.
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    Too many choices - tomatoes

    I think that I bought the Early Girls, but to be honest I was as overwhelmed as you at the sheer volume of varieties so it could have been something else. I saved the marker from the container though so I can buy the same next year.
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    Man Forces Kid To Use Drugs

    You need a license to drive a car, you need a license to hunt and you need a license to fish but everyone with a pulse can raise kids. I really hope that these kids get adopted into a nice family and get past this rough start in life.
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    Make A Pie and Then Freeze It For Company Later On

    I generally make the pie mixes as well because I don't have to have the entire pie in the freezer. I put all the fruit, sugar and spices in a package and seal it up. I also use refrigerated pie crusts because they are so easy. Pillsbury makes my favorite.
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    Iced coffee drinks

    With the coming of hot weather it is hard to drink hot coffee, no matter how much I want it. Does anyone have any tasty iced coffee drink recipes? I generally take some strong brewed coffee, ice, chocolate syrup, and creamer for a nice iced mocha latte.
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    Age of first coffee?

    When I was younger I thought coffee was gross. I could not even stand the smell. I didn't start drinking it until my mid-twenties regularly. I drink it like crazy now just because if i don't I can't stay awake all day.
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    sweet tea but

    I use Splenda in my sweet tea and my nephew from Mississippi didn't even notice the difference. He said it was some of the best sweet tea he has ever had. If she doesn't like Splenda you could try Agave Nectar or Stevia.
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    Not quite cheese

    I know that yogurt isn't quite cheese yet, but I assume the process is similar. I saw somebody on Facebook post that they were making homemade yogurt. Has anyone here made it? Is it difficult? Does anyone have a recipe?
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    Trip to the Zoo

    I love zoos! We went to Lincoln Park Zoo in Chicago last year and we had a blast. I wish we would have had more time there though. The local zoo is having a Drop Everything and Read day next week and we will probably be going to that.
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    Potato Candy

    Thank you so much for finding that recipe director! My great grandma used to make this when I was a kid and I absolutely loved it. I haven't been able to find a recipe for it but this is great.
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    Best Pasta Sauce

    I do almost the same as your mom , minus the sugar and cayenne pepper. I don't like to add sugar to my sauces although I know a lot of people do. I also add chunks of onion, green pepper and mushrooms to mine. I like my sauce thick too, I like something that can stick to my noodles.
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    Homemade or Store-Bought?

    I have never tried making my own teas, but I suppose if I had a good recipe to begin from I would give it a try. I always tend to prefer my own concoctions versus store bought anyway.
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    Bits of soap.

    Just get all the bits a little wet and squeeze them into a ball or patty to use for later. Or like someone else said use them in your laundry.