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    Hi, from NC

    Hello there courtney and welcome to the forums. Hope you'll find anything you want here and get to know each other from the posts ! Enjoy your stay
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    Whats better for the environment?

    I like using bottles, I clean them myself and stack them to next use
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    Stores that offer wine tasting

    Actually we do get to taste the wine before we can buy it and I think this should be implemented in all wine stores
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    Why do you brew?

    I brew because you can control the quality of the ingredients. You can experiment with varieties and achieve unique taste combinations. Plus, it is a fun hobby you get to drink.
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    There is nearly a new brewery opening for every day of the year, benefiting beer lovers and communities in every area across the country
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    Easy DIY Chicken broth

    If I can cook a piece of meat in a slowcooker on low all day and it cooks through and kills the "germs" in the meat, then it seems probable that with the bones cooking all night, all those "germs" would be killed too. But if it really grosses a person out, try removing the meat from the bones...
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    No Tomatoes yet.

    It should have grown since now.. I didn't either seen someone to have some success with them, but try to take more care of them, like adding more water and light
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    Pickled turnip

    What does it taste like ? I have never eaten pickled turnip, can you explain more detailed on how do you actually pickle them ?
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    Hello from the UK!

    Hi and welcome to the forum! Hope we share some new ideas together and learn something from each other.
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    What's your favorite snack?

    I really love a fruit salad! All those fruits combined with some cream gives a great taste to it
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    Bottles or Kegs

    Bottles are real good for all kinds of drinks, not only for wine. It keeps it more well conserved
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    How did you find us?

    I had several friends that were talking about a forum that is the mother of brewing so I decided to give it a try and here I am !
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    Hello !

    Thank you for the welcoming. Wow, hope you enjoyed spending time with him, we are usually really nice people. have a nice day
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    Using a Checklist

    That is the exact way how I use my checklist. At my home I know where are all the items and I don't really need a checklist because it just comes at you, like a routine.
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    What Brand of Wineglasses Do You Use?

    I have some simple wine glasses that I use every time when I drink a good glass of cold wine. They are similar to these ones: