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    My bread yeast cider

    Do you use only cider and yeast ?
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    I'm making some sourkraut can anyone tell me how to can it I've made almost 5lbs of it Sent from my Z750C using Tapatalk
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    German themed only

    I love warsteiner its a rele good rich German beer.. one of my go to's wen I'm all outta homebrew :-) (Hat tip) to wild that is one excellent list of brews James Skyrunner
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    The boil

    Well I kegged the copper ale its a little bitter is this typical of this style? James Skyrunner
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    I think ill skip on this but I am one of them ppl who love ghost peppers I eat jalepenos like pickles love the spicy stuff :cool: :D James Skyrunner
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    Amish Bread

    Do you have to have starter to make it ...can u make starter? James Skyrunner
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    Bottling homemade coffee liqueur

    It was good didn't even need a chaser I got it from walmart it was in a package with 2 jagermiester shot glasses James Skyrunner
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    Bought a Keurig

    Did you know they make reusable cups that you can fill up with any kind of normal coffee I got one for bday and rarely buy the cups just get can of folgers and fill up the reuseable cup or Swiss miss James Skyrunner
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    Does anyone got any good recipes for eggnog spiked eggnog or eggnog bread? James Skyrunner
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    Amish Bread

    Do you have to have a starter to make it? James Skyrunner
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    Yeast Education

    Whitch brand do you use @HappyHoney I haven't really got much of selection I often use fliechmans James Skyrunner
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    Bottling homemade coffee liqueur

    I like jager and mixing it with things .. I think I might try it.. I bought a bottle of that holiday cinnamon vanilla jagermister spice last week and liked it James Skyrunner
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    The boil

    Thanks wild I transferred it to my secondary tnite and took a sip from my hydrometer reading its fermenting and tasting ok so far I boiled it 10 Mins longer because it didn't come to full boil but it was right around 210degrees the whole time ...I hope it turns out ok this batch will be the...
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    Best Kind Of Tea For Honey

    I love honey in peppermint its delicious :-) James Skyrunner
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    Can you dehydrate cucumbers?

    I really like the dehydrated peas with wasabi on them id like to try these cucumbers :-) James Skyrunner