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    Making Soap

    Since Christmas holiday is approaching soon, I plan to learn to make soap to give away as gifts. Last Christmas, I gave away lots of cookies to the neighbors, relatives and friends.
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    You can paint the hardened pumpkin shell in a decorative fashion. The shell can be used as a furniture display or as a candy container.
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    How early is to early?

    We have an old Christmas wreath waiting to be hung on our front door. Some neighbors put Christmas lights around their trees as early as this month to get in the spirit of Christmas. They leave them up until New Year's Eve.
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    Mayonnaise Art

    I do not like mayonnaise on my pizza but those type of pizzas are quite interesting to look at. The restaurant is creative in making them. They never fail to amuse their customers.
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    Different local bands in my area are preparing for their music number because they are going to perform on the Oktoberfest band contest. Food and drinks are going to be served so I make sure to be there to join the fun.
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    What to do with socks

    Another great idea, headbands! Now it got me thinking, why not make a baby bonnet out of old socks? After I gave birth to my daughter, a small pink bonnet was wrapped around her head to keep her warm.
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    cheese dip with kick

    You can use the food processor for easy dicing of pimientos. They are not too spicy and the thing I love most about them is that they taste sweet.
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    Are You A Yogurt Fan?

    I never tried eating Greek yogurt, but I love soy yogurt because I have heard it has a lot of health benefits. I buy them prepackaged in some malls and supermarkets.
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    Sweet or not sweet?

    I like my tea with a slice of lemon but no sugar. I don't drink it often. Only on occasion, if we have a family gathering.
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    cheese dip with kick

    I prefer mixing chopped, red pimientos on my cheese dip. My husband loves the taste and he would dip his favorite nacho chips brand in the cheese mixture.
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    Shhh - my daughter is making me a quilt

    Your story made me cry. When I was a kid, I made my mom a personalized letter using an onion-skin paper, rolled and tied it neatly and put it in an empty wine bottle with a cork. My mom said it was so beautiful and she hugged me.
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    What to do with socks

    I would make wrist bands out of my old socks. The wristbands from Adidas store are quite expensive so why not use socks to turn them into wrist bands? I would use them since I play outdoor sports like badminton.
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    Christmas candies

    I want yema candies for Christmas. This yema is made up of condensed milk, chopped nuts and egg yolks. I admit that it is hard to stir while being heated on a large wok and is formed into balls and cooled before being served.
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    Drying the fish

    Do you know how to dry the fish, preferably herring? It was known as stock fish in some countries. It has a foul smell but tastes good when cooked. This is what it looks like: Do you know how to dry them, starting from fresh catch?
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    Honey Basting Sauce For Barbecued Chicken or Lamb

    Aw, I hate the mustard part on the honey basting sauce. Is there a substitute for replacing mustard? Can I use ginger juice instead? I love the tangy taste of ginger on chicken.