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    Fascinating Site

    I haven't made mead but I know my in-laws were talking about it the other day. Thank you for the link to that website. I think I will print off the instructions and give them to my mother-in-law so she can try it. They have some recipes as well that might be worth trying.
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    Preservatives in Sauces

    It's funny how some of these products have a long list of ingredients. It makes me laugh when I look at a label and see names that very few people would recognize unless they work in a lab.
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    Olive Bread and Wine

    We had some olive bread this past week and it was yummy. I love olives so I thought why not try olive bread. We warmed it in the oven, sliced it and added a bit of butter. Then piled on thinly sliced proscuitto and provolone cheese. Pour a nice glass of red wine and you have a tasty lunch.
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    Bought a Keurig

    TryAnything, did you know they come in mini sizes that are under $100. You can get them in different colors too. There is the usual black, platinum, red and white. They are really cute too. It's made for single use, so it's perfect for you.
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    Cups cost more than the coffee!

    That's what I say Georgie! I have a hard time justifying buying a coffee from Starbucks so I only do it on the odd occasion. My daughter loves their pumpkin spice latte so every year around this time we go buy our lattes. It's a treat for her and time together for us.
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    Instant Coffee

    When we were first starting out on our own we would drink instant coffee on occasion but now I can't stand the taste. It doesn't taste like brewed coffee and has an aftertaste I don't like.
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    Crab Apple Jam and Jelly

    My sister-in-law has these crab apple trees in her back yard and every year she picks a half bushel and makes crab apple jam and jelly. This stuff tastes great on pork and chicken or even on a bagel and toast with cream cheese.
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    Pear Brandy

    Sure, I don't have one from my friend's but here's what they look like hanging from the tree. It would look really cool if you had bottles hanging from a few trees. He only did one bottle but some places will have a lot of them all over their orchard.
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    Cheese From Raw Milk

    My mother-in-law makes cheese from the fresh milk from the farmer, citric acid and rennet. She brings it to a boil and scoops it out to put into molds. She uses all the milk not just the cream. It actually tastes good and is used like mozzarella. It doesn't melt as well as store-bought but the...
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    Dandelion or wild fruit wines

    I'm not fond of the dandelion wine but the rest of the family is. Grape wine, red or white, is what I prefer and we make that as well.
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    This Year's Wine

    Thanks Bailey I will try the fan. Are the traps those sticking strips that hang down? We are currently leaving a quarter glass of wine sitting by our bottles to see if they will fall in but are only catching a few. The bugs around here are driving me crazy!
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    For those of you with lots of cider...

    Apple bread sounds good. Was it like a dessert loaf or sandwich bread. I'm sure you could use cider for any recipe that calls for apple juice or apple flavor. My sister-in-law uses apple juice for her baking instead of water and her cupcakes and cakes are always moist.
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    Ripped it all out (almost)

    Our garden wasn't very good this year either. The only thing that survived was the zucchini, onions, potatoes and our greens. They survived because they like cool weather and water. We planted over 80 tomato plants (we can for the winter) and we managed to get maybe a dozen red tomatoes...
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    This Year's Wine

    This year's wine is in the big bottles waiting for the next step of pouring it into wine bottles. For some reason we have a lot of fruit flies around it this year. It's never been this bad and I'm wondering if our weird weather this summer is the cause. Does anyone know how to get rid of them?
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    Do you mix apple varieties?

    That sounds like a lot of fun for the families oldieg. I think our friends would enjoy that type of party, especially the people on our road. We are always looking for a reason to get together with all the families. We could have a cider making party.