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    Fall finales!

    They are finally back! I am watching The Blacklist right now! Awesome show! This is my favorite new show. Anyone watching it? Law and Order - SVU was great last week too.
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    I can never shake them without an antibiotic either. I hope you aren't getting one. There have been a lot of people out of work with the flu. I hope it isn't that!
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    Fresh Market

    I have never heard of it either. I bet it just a local coffee shop. I am not a huge fan of coffee but I do like to try new flavors.
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    Goodies are gone

    Yum! That fudge does sound good. Our goodies have been gone for a long time. I am glad too because I was eating too much and exercising too little.
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    Make your house smell good

    Do you let it simmer all day? I am not sure that would be a good idea. Your electric bill would be higher. I bet it would smell good though.
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    Scary movies

    My daughter and I have been on a scary movie kick. Tonight we watched Insidious 2. It was spooky but confusing. A couple of nights ago we watched The Conjuring. Not sure what is next!
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    Spicy Pickled Green Beans

    Yum! They sound great. I know my kids wouldn't want them but I would. I bet they are pretty spicy. You eat them cold right? Did you get the recipe yet?
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    New soil

    Yeah it didn't work. The plants got something and died too early. We are thinking of removing about 3 feet of dirt/soil and then replacing it with new.
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    Keeping jars in the right temperature

    Oh no! I learned this lesson early on. My mom did the same thing. I store mine in an upstairs closest. It is usually room temperature in there. Our basement is too hot too.
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    Homemade Applesauce

    Way tastier! I helped my gram make it when I was a kid. She always kept hers super chunky too. She made some with cinnamon and some without. I liked the cinnamon the best. Enjoy and then get her recipe!
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    Chocolate Sauce

    Wow - super easy is right. I would add less sugar too. I do like sweet things but this seems like too much. I am going to get everything tomorrow after work and give it a shot.
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    It's really cold out!

    Allhops - that is warm! It's been in the single digits here and below zero at night. Two nights ago I saw -12 on the outside thermometer. Brrrr! I would love 30 degree weather. To top that off it's been snowing like crazy too.
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    Club sauce

    Anyone have a recipe for club sauce? It's the sauce that you put on burgers and hot dogs - not relish though. I can't find my recipe and I want to make it next year. We opened the second to last jar of it today.
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    So warm out - doesn't look like Christmas

    It has been in the high 40s the last too days. Tomorrow it is supposed to be in the teens! I hate this wishy-washy weather. I wish it would just get cold and stay that way.
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    Post Christmas deals

    I have seen a lot of sales and not just on Christmas items. Those are pretty picked over! I picked up some steals at Kohl's and used gift cards. I gave my daughter a lot of gift cards this year. She has been cashing in on deals too.