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    Yeast roll recipes

    The best roll I ever tasted was in Austria, called a Semmel roll. If I could find ones that taste like that I'd buy them. I believe the continental rolls from Germany and Austria beat any others!
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    sweet tea but

    You can buy commercial sweeteners like Canderelle or Hermesetas but they are chemicals and a lot of people say that they can be bad for your health. Of course, just as many people will tell you that sugar is bad for you!
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    Are you eating out of the garden yet?

    Our garden has been a total washout for months now. It's been the wettest few months ever, so we haven't been able to do anything. I've given up for this year and will have to start afresh next year if the weather is better.
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    Wild cherry wine

    You can make wine with any kind of fruit, in fact , you can make wine out of virtually anything edible. I've picked wild fruit, berries and flowers and made wine out of them, and I heard that someone made wine out of tea! It doesn't sound very tasty does it?
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    My other half would never drink beer from the fridge; he likes it room temperature, though I prefer everything I drink to be chilled. We therefore have a lot of pint glasses stacked on a shelf and beer in a cupboard. I just chill my glass before I pour.
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    Raspberry Sorbet Cocktail

    It sounds lovely. I actually prefer a sorbet to ice cream and making it into an alcoholic cocktail is a touch of genius! Go ahead and experiment wineywiney, and see if you can invent an even better version!
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    Cinder Toffee

    I love to make toffee and fudge but I don't make it as often now that there are no children around to eat it, otherwise it would make me even porkier than I already am. :p
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    Sweet curds and whey.

    I'm listening to a TV cookery program while I write, and they are making curds and whey. This is not only for making cheese but can be a sweet dessert dish. It's not something I have eaten but I remember my grandparents talking about it. Isn't it funny how desserts fall out of fashion?
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    I cheated!

    I have used these bread mixes too and they are really easy. All you add, usually, is water and sometimes a spoonful of olive oil. Everything else is in the bag.
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    pregnant again!

    I have a some extended family who seem to think it's really cool to have babies. They are sisters and all have partners living with them, some who are working and some not, but there's always one of them pregnant it seems!
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    A bit of politics!

    This is an OMG moment! I really hope he doesn't declare martial law as that would be disastrous for everybody. I would agree that the Euro is on it's way out but, despite what the people want, the politicians will keep the EU.
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    Bits of soap.

    I hate waste but what do you do with bits of soap that are left over? I don't like to see a tiny sliver of soap in the soap dish so I throw it away, but is there something I could be doing with it?
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    Do you have any pets?

    You all put me off getting a dog, they seem so much bother! I'm keener on cats though, and I used to have a couple of chipmunks and a pair of lovebirds which we had to get rid of because they screeched all the time.
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    Expiration Dates, Suggestions Or Rules?

    We waste far too much food in the Western world and should trust our own senses more. Why do you need to be told when food has spoiled? If it's from your own garden there's no date on it, but we use our sense of smell and our eyes. If it looks OK and smells OK it will be safe to consume.
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    Cheese Fondue

    Cheese fondue used to be all the rage in the 70s. I remember buying a fondue set and it sat in my cupboard for years, unused, until I threw it out. I never did try cheese fondue!