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    Buttons are expensive!

    I was at the store looking for some decorative buttons for a craft project and man are they expensive. I ended up paying almost $3 for 2 medium sized buttons. I am glad that I did not need any more than that. It just seems like a lot to pay for a couple buttons. Am I wrong?
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    Chocolate Sauce

    That sounds good, but I am with everyone else. I like my chocolate sauce more chocolaty than sweet. I would probably cut the sugar down to 1 or 1 1/4 c instead of 2. How did it work out in your coffee?
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    Jalapenos in the Ground

    I plant at least 1 jalapeno plant every year because I make fresh salsa all summer long. These add just the right amount of heat. I also slice them up, seed them and freeze them for later. They are great to add to chili or anything else you want to spice up.
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    Heirloom seed source

    I am glad that I cam across this because I often wonder where I can get heirloom seeds. I am happy to hear that Burpee has them because that is a brand that is widely available in my area. I am not sure that I have ever come across any of the others though.
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    That really stinks because it probably wasn't super easy to make. I would hate to lose a whole gallon. I usually use my Shark handheld steamer when I have spills in the freezer. It keeps me from having to defrost the entire freezer.
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    Club sauce

    I have never heard of club sauce, but it may be like my grandma's chili sauce. I think she put tomatoes, onions, garlic and some other stuff in it. We put it on all sorts of things.
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    Spicy Pickled Green Beans

    I have never had pickled green beans, but they sure sound delicious! I, too, would be interested in getting my hands on the recipe for these. I usually grow green beans in my garden and this would be a great way to preserve them.
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    Ancient wine cellar discovered

    It always interesting to learn the history of things. Isn't it amazing that wine making has been around for that long? I wonder what they will learn about the ancients from this discovery?
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    Beer Deer

    That really is a cute idea! I don't like the idea of giving alcohol as gifts, but I bet it would be cute on glass soda bottles. Maybe I could find some nice root beer. The materials are pretty cheap and it would be quick.
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    Black berry jam

    I would think that you might be able to skim the seeds after the jam is made, but before it sets up. I don't know how difficult it would be though. Blackberry jam is my favorite though.
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    3 ingredient Nutella brownies

    Oh yeah you had me at Nutella! I love that stuff. Right now, I have the Jif version of Nutella. I wonder if that would work as well as the real stuff? I think I might have to try these tonight.
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    Great new hat!

    I found this pattern the other day and I thought I would give it a try. It was really easy and worked up super fast. I finished it while watching TV in just a few hours. I need to go to the craft store and find some buttons to finish it off, but I can't wait to wear it.
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    Scary movies

    I have not seen either of those movies. I like a good scary movie every now and then though. I can't even remember the last horror movie we watched though.
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    I have not had the flu in about 20 years, so I am certain that isn't it. I am just really congested. My eyeballs feel like they are floating today because I am so backed up with fluids in my sinus cavity.
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    It might snow...

    You can have all of our snow too! We got hit with about 2 feet last week during the polar vortex and we are supposed to get some more tonight through tomorrow. I would gladly give up seeing snow for the rest of my days.