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    Post Christmas deals

    The deals are still coming! I went into the local Dollar General and they had marked down the remaining Christmas merchandise down to a quarter! I got several decorations for around the house! What a deal.
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    Pizza dough?

    I am always experimenting with different dough recipes myself. I have yet to find "the one". I just used this one tonight and it was decent. It didn't have to be raised and the yeast didn't have to be proofed either so it was really a dough that could be used in a time crunch.
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    Pumpkin Roll

    I have eaten my fair share of pumpkin rolls, but I can't make one to save my life. I have seen lots of cakes that use this concept though. I came across a recipe for a chocolate cake with a cream cheese/peanut butter filling made like this once.
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    Snickerdoodle Bread

    I have seen the cinnamon chips at Walmart before. I am going to have to make that bread because it sounds absolutely delicious. I bet you could get the cinnamon chips on Amazon if you can't find them locally. It seems like they have everything.
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    Enchilada night!

    Last night I made baked chicken for dinner. I cooked a few extra breasts and shredded them up to use for tonight's dinner. I am making enchiladas. It makes dinner so easy when you can do prep ahead of time. What's for dinner in your house?
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    Keeping Apples Fresh

    I have never heard of doing the newspaper thing before either. I usually put them in a bin in the garage. It is suitably cool in the winter but not as cold as the fridge.
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    Foodsaver Vacuum Sealing system

    They are definitely a nice thing to have on hand. You can use them for so many things from freezing bulk meat purchases to sealing up homemade goodies for storage. I can use the cheaper bags as well. We usually buy a big roll of it and cut the size we need.
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    Apples, apples, apples

    Forget the orchard, I would just love to have one tree. That would be more than enough for us to have apples all year long. I do have friends with trees that give us the excess though. We freeze them in pie mix format, make apple butter and apple sauce too.
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    Great new hat!

    That looks like a really neat hat! I know that I see hats like that on girls all the time. I bet you could start selling them on Etsy or something and make a lot of money. I have seen them in the store for upwards of $20!
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    Yeast roll recipes

    We have a restaurant called Logan's Roadhouse that serves the most delicious yeast rolls. We have a hard time eating just one when we go. I would love to make them at home. I wonder if there is a copycat recipe somewhere?
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    Post Christmas deals

    I just came across some really nice Christmas boxes for wrapping. They are the really thick ones that are decorated on the outside so that there is no need for wrapping. I like that, because I am not that great at wrapping.
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    Making your own butter?

    I came across something on Pinterest the other day about making your own butter. I was wondering how many people actually make their own butter. If you have made it, how long does it take? How hard is it to do?
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    Bar stools

    I have never made stools before. Is it difficult? Are you making them with backs or without? Are they going to be all wood or have some upholstery on it?
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    New soil

    I always dig my hole for the plants, set them in it and then fill the hole with a little Miracle Gro organic. I have never had any problems with my plants getting sick. They actually grow like crazy. Maybe you could try doing something like that?
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    Extreme cheapskates

    I am with you smurfjuice! There is a cutoff between being cheap and just being insane. I think that some of those people on that show must have a mental condition in order to live that way. I mean, I am as frugal as the next person, but I am not washing my bum with my hand after I use the restroom.