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    Cooking with wine

    My sister has been bugging me to do this and I think for her birthday next month I am going to give it a go. We always celebrate a birthday dinner with all of us and the birthday person is not allowed to help but she might randomly yell things from across the room at me if I am doing it wrong.
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    The price of beef

    I am going to try and talk with a work buddy of mine tomorrow. I remember he mentioned that close to his home there is a local farmer, even if I have to drive further the price might be worth it in the end. Heck I might even be able to have him grab me some meats to save on gas prices too.
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    Chicken Strips?

    That is a pretty sweet recipe, the other day we had something very close to that but the spouse added a few extra things in to spice it up. Tomorrow we are going to try and do a chicken cordon blue recipe too. Its chicken as the favorite in this house, can you tell?
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    calorie counting

    I would figure there's also "an app for that" but who knew. I really just had no idea how you would figure it all out, I am horrible at math.
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    calorie counting

    I know that its not the first thing most people think of when brewing beer, but does anyone? A few of my friends are sticklers on watching their weight and expect me to know the calorie count when we brew. And I hate math. :D
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    Chicken Strips?

    What about doing something like a melted butter with crackers type? We have used reduced calorie/fat free Ritz before and they turned out heavenly. I also tend to add in some extra herbs and spices to give it a little kick.
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    Shadow Boxes

    The only ones we have used are those that you hang on the wall and my crafty significant other did them. We thought they would hang in the bathroom but ended up using them in the hallway instead to hold photos.
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    The price of beef

    We do eat more chicken than beef but that is only because of how much fat is in it to start with. And its not always about getting a bad rap either, next time I hit up the store I will take a few pictures from the phone. Its very hard in our area to find good beef anymore.
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    need cheese help

    What type of cheese is best used for the chicken cordon recipe? I have seen three online and all of them call for a different kind. Is anyone here an expert making it, I need all the help I can get.
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    cleaning for reuse

    What type of washer do you have? We have one that I can set to a sanitize mode and it works amazingly well. I am talking it can clean junk off baked on glass, truly awesome.
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    What about beef?

    I have never even heard that people wash the meat (unless its hunted and stored) before freezing it? Is this something everyone does? Now I feel silly for not knowing this!!
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    Dandelion or wild fruit wines

    I think I would try the dandelion first, it seems like maybe the easiest beginner one to start with. Blueberry from what I have read is a little tricky and you have to have a little luck on your side to pull it off.
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    Facebook Going Public

    I seen a ton of people who keep saying they are going to buy in for this. I am not sure that I would myself but then again I can never keep up on all the cool stuff.
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    Retirement Boom?

    That number does seem shocking. I know many people who are still waiting on retirement that work more hours than they should in a day. I wonder if companies are realizing the impact they are putting on some of their workers when they are doing those 12-15 hour days.
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    Are we just skipping Winter?

    So far we are having nice days but still having those chilly nights. I am amazed when I wake up and its barely 30 outside then shoots up to 60-65 before lunchtime. I hope it keeps up, I am not too fond of extreme cold or heat but a nice spot in the middle would be great.