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    Homebrew Beer Kit

    Actually I like to develop taste in my brewing recipes like these beers :). These are my favourite ones.
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    Homebrew Beer Kit

    With the right kit and the best beer-making recipe, anyone can try making great tasting beer. Even if it is a one shot thing :). Actually these rituals varies from family to family. Some traditional families prefer to use their own ancient recopies for brewing beer. I know one site where I find...
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    Brewing Parties

    Yeah brewing with BBQ is most delightful thing to do.
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    Brew in a powder form?

    is it dry beer, looks weird.
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    Unusual Ingredients?

    Thanks @wild for sharing this unusual beer ingredients.
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    Pumpkin Beers

    beer is simply compulsory in dinner.
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    Brewing Light Beer

    no but i would do it soon as experiment.
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    Home Brew Recipes

    Thanks for sharing this delightful brewing recipe. There are so many different recipes for beer that have been handed down through different families.
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    Aging Time

    I like to drink wine mixed with coke and vinegar.
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    Blending wines

    Sounds good and delicious.
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    Chocolate Wine?

    Well I have heard about Choco shake but never wine :)
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    Where do you get grapes?

    Grapes available in market are generally not fresh, I have personal yard for this purpose.
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    Wild Grapes

    Wild grapes can also be used in brewing process.