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  1. Stephanie Malloy

    Buttons are expensive!

    I was at the store looking for some decorative buttons for a craft project and man are they expensive. I ended up paying almost $3 for 2 medium sized buttons. I am glad that I did not need any more than that. It just seems like a lot to pay for a couple buttons. Am I wrong?
  2. Stephanie Malloy

    Great new hat!

    I found this pattern the other day and I thought I would give it a try. It was really easy and worked up super fast. I finished it while watching TV in just a few hours. I need to go to the craft store and find some buttons to finish it off, but I can't wait to wear it.
  3. Stephanie Malloy

    Extreme cheapskates

    I thought that I was as frugal as they come, but then I came across the show, Extreme Cheapskates, on Netflix. These people are so bad and quite honestly the show is disturbing. The one lady went dumpster diving for food and then invited friends over for dinner. Gross! She also uses soap and...
  4. Stephanie Malloy


    I have been congested and stuffy since Christmas. Today, I woke up feeling like my eyeballs were floating and my chest hurts. I really hope that I am not coming down with a sinus infection, because I can't shake those without going to the doctor.
  5. Stephanie Malloy

    Goodies are gone

    Finally, we can go back to eating healthy in this house because all the Christmas goodies are gone. We had so much candy and cookies that I didn't think we would ever eat it all. I do have to say that the Irish Butter Fudge was totally addictive.
  6. Stephanie Malloy

    Coming or going?

    I am not sure if I am coming or going these days. I am doing split shifts at one job and extra shifts at the other. I am pretty much working from 4 AM until 8 PM most days. I am really glad that it is just for the next couple of weeks though.
  7. Stephanie Malloy

    Hangnail pain

    I had a hangnail earlier in the week that I pulled out because it was bothering me. Now, it is a really big pain, literally. I have a cut from where it pulled off and I keep bumping it on stuff.
  8. Stephanie Malloy

    Christmas tree lightings

    We went to 2 Christmas tree lighting ceremonies this weekend. The first one was in a town about 30 minutes away on Friday. It is world famous as being "Little Bavaria". There were thousands of people there. They had carolers and then there was a candle walk to the city center to light the tree...
  9. Stephanie Malloy

    Winter is here

    I think that winter has officially set in. It has been running about 9 with the wind chill and today we are having a freezing rain storm. I went outside to grab something from the car and just about fell on my kiester. I was not expecting it to be so slippery.
  10. Stephanie Malloy

    Easy slippers

    I came across a really easy slipper pattern for crochet that doesn't require and sewing. I make slippers for a couple of family members every Christmas. The pattern I have been using is 2 pieces that get sewn together at the end. It was kind of a pain. This is the new pattern. I can work up a...
  11. Stephanie Malloy

    Apples are almost gone!

    Oh my goodness! I have been peeling apples for days. 2 batches of apple butter, 2 apple pie mixes and an apple danish later, I have almost used all of the apples that I received from my in-laws. I have the apple butter and pie mixes in the freezer waiting to be used. I never thought that I had...
  12. Stephanie Malloy

    Making a list...checking it twice

    I made the list of everyone we have to buy for and there are 30 people on it! Between the two of us we have 18 just in our immediate families. This is just getting crazy. I did get 1 person completely finished the other day and I started quite a few others too.
  13. Stephanie Malloy

    Pinterest is killing me!

    All of my friends keep pinning all of these delicious recipes and I of course have to give them a try. I swear I am going to put on 500 pounds at this rate. This is the one I found today and I am going to make it tonight for dessert. I might even add some apples to it since I have some laying...
  14. Stephanie Malloy

    Irish Butter Vanilla Fudge

    I have not tried this one but is sounds absolutely amazing! I found this recipe on a blog and I am seriously thinking about adding it to my Christmas goody baking. Has anyone ever had it or something similar? "10 oz unsalted butter 1 large tin (396g) sweetened condensed milk 7 fluid oz (200 g)...
  15. Stephanie Malloy

    Crock Pot Apple Butter

    My father in law brought me several pounds of apples off his tree yesterday so I think I am going to give the new recipe for apple butter I found a try. You take 3 pounds of apples, 3 c. sugar, 2 tsp cinnamon, 1 tsp nutmeg, 1/2 tsp allspice, 1/2 tsp cloves and 3/4 c water or apple cider and...
  16. Stephanie Malloy

    Sore as heck!

    I had to scrub the floor on my hands and knees because it got really dirty. We had people coming in and out for about a week installing new flooring in our living room and they came through the garage and kitchen. They tracked in a bunch of sawdust and dirt. I am really sore now though!
  17. Stephanie Malloy

    Peppermint patties

    My brothers favorite candy is peppermint patties. I would like to make him some for Christmas, but I don't have a recipe. Can anyone help me out with a recipe they have tried before?
  18. Stephanie Malloy

    Fall is in the air

    I think we have finally rounded the corner into fall. The air is feeling crisper and chillier, especially in the mornings and evenings. I am actually excited because it is one of my favorite times of year.
  19. Stephanie Malloy

    Football starts next week!

    I am so excited because college football starts next week! I have been waiting all summer for this. Notre Dame is opening against Temple at home. I am interested to see how they handle the new teams that they have to play since joining the ACC.
  20. Stephanie Malloy

    Crafting Christmas

    I love making homemade gifts at Christmas time and I think I found my first project. Basically, you take a couple of half pint jars. Fill one with hot cocoa mix and the other with mini marshmallows. Glue the two jars together making a snowman "body". Then use buttons or beads to make the face...