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  1. oldieg

    It might snow...

    Well then I hope it snows for you too. I would gladly give you all of the rest of our snow for the winter. I am ready for spring!
  2. oldieg

    Scary movies

    Spooky! My daughter likes scary movies but only if she has a blanket and pillow. She covers her head when the movie gets real scary. The Conjuring was pretty freaky!
  3. oldieg

    Bar stools

    We are starting to make our bar stool plan. We know we want to use wood from our cherry tree we cut down. Anyone made stools before?
  4. oldieg

    Crab Apple Jam and Jelly

    I have never used crab apples either. They are so small! I can't imagine peeling them. I bet they would be too small for my electric peeler too. I always thought they were a bit too tart to eat too.
  5. oldieg

    Basket of jelly, jam and homemade breads!

    Yum! My aunt makes all of us homemade jelly! I love it. She is getting older though so she said she might not do it this year. I might pick up where she left off.
  6. oldieg

    Jalapenos in the Ground

    My hubby plants these every year. He is the only one to eat them though. It seems like they are the best "growers" in our garden too. The green and yellow peppers stop producing but these keep producing.
  7. oldieg

    New soil

    That stinks. I wonder how far in the ground the roots grow. That is probably how much soil you would need to remove. How many years have your plants died off too soon?
  8. oldieg

    Christmas Clean-up

    I took down the tree and put all things "Santa" away. All of the rest of the winter decorations are still up. I try to decorate for each season. We store our totes in the garage.
  9. oldieg

    Homemade Applesauce

    We make applesauce every year. I go to the local apple orchard and get four or five different varities of apples. I love it chunky too. All of ours has cinnamon in it. My gram used to make it the same way!
  10. oldieg

    It's really cold out!

    Right now it is -8 degrees outside. They said the wind chill was -32 degrees! All of the schools around me were closed last night (for today). Funny thing is our temps are supposed to be in the high 30's by the weekend.
  11. oldieg

    Keeping jars in the right temperature

    I learned the hard way. I put some pickles in the basement last year. Our basement gets the hottest in the winter. We heat with a wood stove. Some of the jars of pickles got so hot that it ruined the pickles! The intense heat cooked them all over again. Where do you store your jars of canned food?
  12. oldieg

    Post Christmas deals

    I popped into Walmart yesterday for a couple of things and I was surprised to see that they still had some Christmas items out. They were all 75% off. I was tempted but I walked away. I just don't need it.
  13. oldieg

    Post Christmas deals

    I went out and came back with nothing. I don't really need anything for next year (Christmas cards or wrapping paper). I think I might try to go find a new coat though. I see a lot of stores have great sales on clothing.
  14. oldieg

    Cross stitch ornaments

    I too have many that my grandmother made me. I also have some that I made and that my mom made. The kids love these so I bet it is why they made them too. They knew how much I loved them.
  15. oldieg

    New Years

    That sounds like a wonderful way to "ring" in the new year. We just go to a friend's house to celebrate with a bunch of our other friends. I would love to go on top of a mountain and watch the fireworks.
  16. oldieg

    So warm out - doesn't look like Christmas

    We are supposed to have warmer temps this weekend. It sure has been all over the board here! On Christmas Eve it snowed about 3 inches. The kids got to make snow angels but that is it so far.
  17. oldieg

    Holiday Jam?

    Nope! I've never heard of wintergreen jam before. I wonder what it is made of. I would like to try a jam that taste like candy canes. That would remind me of Christmas!
  18. oldieg

    Bottling Mishaps

    That is really smart. I am going to save myself a lot of clean up now. I never thought about using the dishwasher. I have had a few bottles crack before when I was trying to pour hot liquid into them.
  19. oldieg

    Cross stitch ornaments

    My neighbors children made me several cross stitch ornaments for Christmas this year. I thought it was so thoughtful of them. They made my hubby two cross stitch bookmarks. I love getting homemade gifts.
  20. oldieg

    Christmas tree lightings

    I really wanted to go to NYC this year to see the tree lighting. I swear I will get there one year. We watch our local tree lighting every year. The kids love it. We take hot cocoa so we stay warm. We always get in the car and drive around town after. I love looking at Christmas lights.