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    Summer brew

    Any one making any summer brews yet? i have got 2 apa's going. 1 is rye infested. a heff just bottled, rye ipa bottled. a kolsch on deck. hoping the warmer weather gets here soon ... :)
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    Anyone getting a little tired of it this year ??
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    Was at my LHBS this past friday and found out there may be another hop shortage... :eek:.. He has been stocking up over the last month so we should be good to go....:D
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    Here's one you might like... This is a " Clean out the brew fridge. " brew. Hence Smurfjuice.. ;) This will be an extract recipe... 1 1/2 lbs Muntons x lite DME @ 60 min. 6 lbs lits LME @ 30 min. 1 oz horizon @ 60 min. 1 oz Liberty @ 15 min. 1 tsp moss @ 15 min. Safale 05...
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    Rye IPA

    Just thought i would pass this one along.. This is a split on the malt. 2.5 lbs Rye 1 lb Crystal 1/2 oz wheat 1/2 oz Cara-Pils 8lbs super lite LME ( 2 lbs @ 60min ..the rest @ 15 min. ) 3oz Mt Hood 2oz Columbus ---------------------------- 1oz Hood 1 oz Columbus @ 60 1...
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    I know this may be a little late but, Happy Easter to all...... Jim..:)
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    Stein brew

    A few folks from a couple of brew clubs got together this Saturday at a friends house to do some brewing The main brew was a Utopia. ( third time for this one ) Me and the boy went out back to build a Stein brew First time we have made it. started with an Alt beer base, The process is to...
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    Well, just put another one together friday nite. It's a clean out the beer fridge brew, a.k.a. Smurfjuice. Saturday its rolling like crazy... might be a good'un.:D .. ;)
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    Anyone plant a veggie garden this year?? my 3 are do'ing great.. 'cept for the squash.. :(
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    ghost town

    if i may ask.... where the heck is everyone?? has this site gone the way of the Dodo?? .... Jim..:confused::confused:
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    evenin' all. i'am from eastern mass, and have been brewing for 4+ years. i came across this site by accident, but it seems very interesting.. ;) thanks for having me.... Jim.. :D
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    evenin', i stumbled across this site, and noticed a thread about tsingtao beer. does anyone have a recipe for this? extract/grain wise? thanks, jim.