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    Extreme cheapskates

    A sad case of t.v. looking for ratings... nothing else to do i guess ...
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    Ripped it all out (almost)

    My gardens are going to be late this year, cool, wet spring ... :(
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    Pumpkin Beers

    Not a big fan of fruit ... or... veggies in a beer. Pumpkin beer is mostly seasonal, and nothing but spices ... but to each his own ...
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    Brewing on the go - Just add water

    hmmm, thats pretty sad ... :( ... where would be the craft ??? just my $.02
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    Brewing Parties

    well done lad ... :);)
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    Brewing Light Beer

    A lawn mower perhaps?? just put 10 gallons together, looking at an A.B.V. around 3-3.5% would be a session as stated...
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    Summer brew

    Any one making any summer brews yet? i have got 2 apa's going. 1 is rye infested. a heff just bottled, rye ipa bottled. a kolsch on deck. hoping the warmer weather gets here soon ... :)
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    Bitter batch

    Methinks temperature may have been a factor. how long did you leave it in the carboy ???
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    What to do with pumpkin

    Ummmmm, pumpkin .. ahhh ... beer . :rolleyes:;)
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    Wild Grapes

    Most of the wild grapes around my way were casts of concord grapes. a lot of jelly making back in the day...
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    Extreme cheapskates

    Methinks there should be a limit somewhere... :rolleyes:
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    New soil

    First, i would have your soil tested. check the PH. just replacing the soil may not work .. garden soil needs nutrients. find a horse farm that you can get manure. horse poop will build up the humus. a shart load of cow manure will be the topper. till the bejeezaws out of it, then watch the...
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    Packing up for Beer Camp

    Enjoy lad, safe trip... ;):D ... crawdads as grannie would say .. :rolleyes:
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    How Many Bottles?

    Seems you don't sample as often as well... j/k ...:D... Brewjen, i brew as often as the pocketbook allows.. i don't keg but use 22 .oz bombers instead.. little easier on my part.. ;)
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    Hard Cider

    I think his/her ferment temps/storage temps were too high to cause a vinegar taste... jim..
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    How long is it good for and how do you store?

    I would think cellar temps would do the trick... methinks freezing is not an option, at least with hard cider. Jim..
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    Tomato Season Over

    Brewjen, are you sure your not getting a virus on the toms?? were you getting yellow and black spots on the leaves. branches browning out and dieing ??
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    Melli, i'm up to me ars in cukes, yellow and zuccinni... tomatoes are still a wee bit slow.. :)
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    Digging potatoes

    Hey spiced, i buy 5-10-5 in 50 lb. bages as i use it in pretty much everything.. you can get your calcium from sulfer a well. Potato scab can be put in check with a soil Ph. of 5.0 or less. hope this helps ... :);)
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    When will they ripen?

    Try side dressing with a small handfull of bone meal and 5-10-5 fertilizer. could help a lot...