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    New Belgium Brewing, Two Beers Brewing & Seattle Cider Company Collaborate on GRAFF(T)

    Check this out, I thought it was pretty cool! These two different companies are going to collaborate and create a graff (t) beer. I have never had one of these types of beers but it sounds interesting.
  2. Allhops

    It's really cold out!

    It's really cold out, and it's going to get colder! The high here today is 33, and at night it's in the 20's. I'm not a huge fan of this type of weather unless I have a nice hot fireplace to keep warm. At least I escaped the snow, unlike the north east! Hehe.
  3. Allhops

    Chocolate Sauce

    So I wanted a chocolate sauce to make mocha lattes with. I didn't buy any from Amazon because I wanted to make sure everything was good first. Then, I came across this chocolate sauce recipe! I will say that you can probably do a little less sugar depending on how sweet you want it. It does...
  4. Allhops

    Where do you get grapes?

    So I was thinking about doing my own wine but I'm not sure where to get the grapes. Do you order them from a wholesaler or something? I'm not looking to order a pallet or anything.
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    Have you seen the Metrokane?

    So maybe you have seen this new commercial about a super powered wine bottle opener. It's made by Metrokane and it's called the Houdini Corkscrew. Apparently, this thing can pull a cork in like 3 seconds! Plus they also have the attachment that can aerate the wine as well. Anybody try these...
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    Spicy Pickled Green Beans

    My sister who does a lot of canning and stuff has sent me some spicy pickled green beans and I can't wait to try them! Has anyone tried these before?
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    Do you own an espresso machine?

    Do you own an espresso machine? I only ask because I really think I'm about to buy one for myself. I'm tired of having to go out and pay $3-$4 bucks for a latte which is mostly milk! I love drinking regular coffee too but I worked in a coffee house for a while so I know what a good latte should...
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    Not loving the weather right now!

    It supposed to be November cold, not February cold right now! Uggh! The high today where I live was only 36 degrees. This weather is completely whacky I tell ya.
  9. Allhops

    Thinking about a SodaStream

    So I'm thinking about getting a SodaStream because buying just regular club soda all the time is really expensive. I think just using it for that alone is a huge money saver in the long run. What do you guys think?
  10. Allhops

    5 Reasons To Choose Surface 2 Over iPad Air

    This guy wrote about choosing the Microsoft Surface 2 over the iPad Air. His reasons are pretty good if you ask me. Apple products are super expensive and they don't have the integration that regular PC products do. What do you think...
  11. Allhops

    The Best Green Tea

    So this is my favorite green tea out there. Get the whole loose leaf version in the big green can and you won't go wrong! It's pure, it's potent, and it tastes fantastic.
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    Historians Create First Ever Bourbon Chronology of Pioneer Distilleries

    This is really cool folks! If you want to learn a little about the history of Bourbon in this country, historians created a beautiful timeline where you can scroll through with pictures. Nothing like this has been created before. There have been pieces of history put together, but not a...
  13. Allhops

    Can you dehydrate cucumbers?

    Can you dehydrate cucumbers? I mean I know pickles can be made and canned but have you ever eaten a dehydrated cucumber? I can't imagine there would be much left to eat!
  14. Allhops

    Diet Coke's Artificial Sweetener Causes Sales Drop

    Here inside this article, is tens of thousands of people saying, "I told you so!" I hate this crap and never drank it once after I took a sip over 7 years ago. It was so nasty tasting and gave me a migraine from one sip, for the rest of the day. Good riddance, I say! webpronews dot...
  15. Allhops

    Over Roasted Coffee

    Out on the market right now, there is so much over roasted coffee. Starbucks, Seattle's Best, Pete's Coffee area all very dark and over roasted. I prefer other brands such as Eight O'Clock, Coffee Bean, and Dunkin' Donuts. Hell, even McDonalds has better drip coffee than Starbucks, or should I...