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    Drying the fish

    Do you know how to dry the fish, preferably herring? It was known as stock fish in some countries. It has a foul smell but tastes good when cooked. This is what it looks like: Do you know how to dry them, starting from fresh catch?
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    Early Christmas shopping

    Has anybody here started their early Christmas shopping? That is to save time for gift preparation and wrapping. I haven't started yet but hopefully next month I should be able to go shopping early.
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    Healthy gravy

    We know that store-bought gravies contain lots of sodium. How do you make your own gravy in a healthy way? Do you make your gravy from meat drippings or from meat soups?
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    Mini-Cola bottles

    We have loads of empty Coca-cola bottles at the kitchen, about 8 ounces in size. So what do I do with them? I am thinking of putting them to good use because I can't throw them away.
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    Moringa Oleifera bread

    I was diagnosed with dyslipidemia or high cholesterol so my doctor prescribed me with statin medications. Instead of taking up the maintenance medicine that the doctor has prescribed, I resorted to boiling malunggay leaves (aka Moringa Oleifera for scientific name) and eat it along with my...