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  1. brewgal

    It might snow...

    I just checked on the weather and it looks as though we might get some snow flurries on Wednesday! I am in Georgia so snow is a rare occurrence for us. I wish it kids haven't ever seen snow before.
  2. brewgal

    Make your house smell good

    This was an idea that I found on the Pinterest site to make your whole house smell good. Supposedly it is the same smell that Williams and Sonoma stores have but I have never been in one so I don't know about that. You just take some lemon slices, four fresh rosemary sprigs, and a teaspoon of...
  3. brewgal

    Christmas Clean-up

    Well, it took twice as long as I thought it would but I got all of the Christmas stuff put away today. I must have made 20 trips to the attic, but it's done now. Has anyone else cleaned up from Christmas yet?
  4. brewgal

    Post Christmas deals

    Have any of you been shopping for any deals now that Christmas has passed? I have not been out to do any shopping so far. I may go out and do a little tomorrow though.
  5. brewgal

    Christmas drink traditions

    Do you have any Christmas drink traditions? One of ours is that we always have apple cider on Christmas Eve. My husband and I also have one. We always have Heineken on Christmas Day even if we can only split a six pack. It is a tradition that we started with a friend many years ago that is no...
  6. brewgal

    Bread Pudding

    Someone in my family has requested a bread pudding for Christmas. I have never had one or made one so I thought I would see if anyone knew of a good recipe?
  7. brewgal

    Need a new coffee maker...again

    My coffee maker is on it's last legs. This one is less than a year old! I guess they just don't make anything to last anymore. What is your brand of coffee maker and has it lasted longer than a year?
  8. brewgal

    Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade

    Is anyone else watching the Macy's Thanksgiving parade? I am watching it for the first time with my kids and they are absolutely enthralled. :) They'll probably lose it when they show Santa!
  9. brewgal

    Easy candy to make with kids

    I want to try and make some candy for the holidays with my kids. Does anyone have an easy recipe I can try to do with them?
  10. brewgal

    Started cooking yet?

    Have you started cooking for Thanksgiving yet? I haven't yet, but I will be putting the turkey in the fridge tomorrow and starting to cook biscuits and cornbread for dressing.
  11. brewgal

    Turkey craft

    This is a really simple Thanksgiving craft for the little ones. You need a toilet paper roll, a piece of brown construction paper, a paper plate, and some leaves. You cut the paper plate in half and glue some leaves to it. You take the brown construction paper and wrap it around the toilet paper...
  12. brewgal

    Made from scratch muffin mix

    My kids absolutely LOVE muffins, and I was making them from the "just add milk" mixes but it's just too expensive. I found a recipe for them and my kids love them just as much. Basic Muffins 2 cups flour 1/4 cup sugar 1 Tbsp. baking powder 1/2 tsp. salt 1 egg, beaten 1 cup milk 1/4 cup oil Mix...
  13. brewgal

    Best meals to freeze

    I am about to become an aunt to twins and I would like to make some meals to freeze in vacuum packages for my brother and sister-in-law. My brother is a CPA and the babies are coming right before tax season so I know that this is going to be a really stressful time for them. I already have some...
  14. brewgal

    Is anyone making homemade gifts this year?

    Is anyone here making homemade gifts for Christmas this year? I have been collecting ideas on Pinterest all year and there are quite a few homemade gifts I plan to make for Christmas. A lot of them are homemade bath salts and scrubs, and some are recipes in a jar.
  15. brewgal

    Coffee drinking weather

    We have definitely had coffee drinking weather for the last few days. We always start our day with a pot of coffee, but it has been so chilly for the last few days we have been having a pot in the afternoons as well. Do you enjoy coffee in the afternoon?
  16. brewgal

    Happy Columbus Day

    Happy Columbus Day! I am down South so no one really celebrates Columbus day down here unless you are a state or federal employee, or you work at a bank. :) I know that there are lots of parades and celebrations for Columbus day in other parts of the country though.
  17. brewgal

    Mr. Beer kits

    Has anyone ever used the Mr. Beer homebrew kits? My brother wants a brew kit for Christmas and I was just wondering if these are good starter kits ?
  18. brewgal

    Do you have a "signature" sauce?

    Do you have a "signature" sauce that is something you have created and that you are known for? My husband is in culinary school and all of the instructors are quick to tell the students that they aren't real "chefs" (even if they get certified by the American Culinary Federation) until they have...
  19. brewgal

    Christmas is here

    Christmas is here...well, at least at the department stores and Walmart. Didn't we used to get through Halloween before all of the Christmas decorations came out? Do you know how hard it is to explain to a four year old and a two year old that Christmas is not actually coming in a few days? :eek:
  20. brewgal


    Hey guys! I had a lot of tomatoes this year so we have been making salsa and canning it. Most of my recipes came from a site called Salsa garden and I thought some of you might enjoy them!