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    Tips on hanging herbs to dry?

    Someone else mentioned hanging herbs in their kitchen to dry and this is something I'd like to do with at least my basil since it's doing so well. Are there any tips you can share on how to do it properly and how to tell that the herbs are dry enough to package?
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    Wine tour vacation

    We're thinking of taking a wine tour as part of our upcoming vacation this fall. There are many Sonoma Valley wineries and an abundance of great-sounding tours. This is making it hard to decide what to book - have you been on an exceptionally great wine tour out there that you can recommend?
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    Where do you get a press?

    My grandfather was famous for his apple cider, both regular and hard versions. He did everything from scratch, including picking the apples from his own trees and pressing them for the juice. Sadly, he's passed on now so I can't ask him questions. Where do you get a press to do this yourself?
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    Easiest cheese to make?

    I have never tried making my own cheeses but this is a skill I wouldn't mind having. What do you recommend as the easiest cheese to begin with? I figure it's smarter to try an easy one first and get a 'taste' of success under my belt before attempting anything more complex.
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    Do you sell your crafts?

    I've sold things at bazaars and lawn sales, but I'm thinking of opening an Etsy shop. It seems to be an easy way to get a store set up online. My concern is getting enough traffic to the site, though. I don't think Etsy promotes individual stores, so I imagine I'd have to develop a...
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    Blending wines

    Have you ever tried blending commercial wines to see what you come up with? After all, many wines are created from blending by the wineries, why not do it at home? I'm thinking of doing some experimenting to see what I can come up with.
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    Freezer pickles?

    A friend of mine says her mother makes her freezer pickles and that they're delicious. I've never heard of freezer pickles and thought they'd be mushy but she says they're nice and crispy. Anyone make these and have a recipe to share?
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    Make your own flavoring syrups

    I'd like to make my own chocolate, vanilla, strawberry and coffee syrups rather than buy these in the store, as they're quite expensive. I found an excellent recipe for the chocolate syrup that tastes just like Hershey's, but haven't seen any for the other flavors. Do you have any recipes for...
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    Is mead similar to beer?

    I've never even tasted mead, but I've always thought it was a type of beer, just like lagers or ales. Is that not the case? Is it harder to make than ordinary beer?
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    Wines for sauces...

    What types of wines do you keep on hand for quickly preparing sauces? Now that I know how to de-glaze a pan and whip up a reduction, I want to keep some wines on hand just for cooking. I plan on picking up a bottle of sherry, but want recommendations on what types of wines should be pantry...
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    How hot does the dishwasher have to be?

    When sanitizing your smaller equipment and implements, do you use the dishwasher? How hot does it have to be set in order to make sure that it does sterilize everything? I know some things must be washed by hand, but a lot of smaller pieces should be able to go in the dishwasher.
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    Making your own convenience foods

    I'm searching and collecting recipes for convenience type foods, like Hamburger Helper and things like that. I figure I can take a day or two a month and put up some of these when I do my freezer cooking batches. Homemade would be a lot healthier plus way cheaper. Anyone have any recipes like...
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    Temperature fluctuations

    I'm having a hard time finding a spot to do my wine making in this house. I haven't done a batch since moving here and am finding that there isn't any place with a steady temperature. How wide a variation can the wine handle without killing off my yeast during the fermentation stage?
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    Blackberry wine?

    Has anyone tried making blackberry wine? I have never heard of anyone using it for wine, but since I like blackberries, and have a fair-sized abundance of them, I figured it might be worth a try. I wouldn't mind a recipe, if someone has one, but if not, I'm going to try it anyway this year.
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    Hey from New England

    I'm a born and bred down east Yankee. Up here in New England, we rather pride ourselves on being self-sufficient and stretching our pennies. I started wine-making three years ago, to go along with a rich family tradition of making almost everything from scratch and from our own home-grown...